Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eek-- its been awhile

So, its already tuesday and i havent written at all about my weekend.

well, it was lovely. i really really enjoyed it. Now i just need to remember to relax each day. Just let the stress roll off me.

the speaker woman said that when she vaccums and cleans, she wears a tiara. i need to get mine out and start doing that!!! remind myself that i AM a princess!!!!

i came home to a wonderfully clean house and a very happy baby. THANKS HUBBY!!! When i was gone, he bought her army style camoflouge pants; so i came home to a little girl dressed like a little boy. But she was quite cute. When i get a spare momment, i'll post a picture of her.

the only downfall: i had a nasty fall. My knee is all bruised. My friend val and i were out walking at night, and when of the camp cars was FLYING down the road. we walked off to the side of the road for safety, AND OF COURSE i stepped in the only whole there. But, i'm surviving. Its getting much better; not as tender. So, i'm going for a nice long walk today for erica. I'm thinking that stretching it out like that might do it some good. [i hope]

Today is the first day of my diet. Well, its not really a diet. Diets are all destined to fail. So, what am i doing??? I"m gonna start eating according to the food pyramid. I figured that those specialists came up with it for a reason. its what's HEALTHY! so its probably the best thing to do.

Have a great day everyone!!!


Tickneen said...

I am so dumb, I had to look up what a tiara was... Glad to hear your weekend was good except for the fall! Ouch! I hate pain. Sounds like hubby had some good bonding time! What a cool dad buying clothes! Perfectionism always kills my wifes ambition to loose weight. I wish I could loose weight. I am soooo lazy.

Michaela said...

I clean with my Tiara makes the Drudgery of work seem less. I also play Music that I can sing to and sing Horrably at the top of my lungs... I am sure my neighbors hate me...

Crazy Me said...

The only tiara that I have has a giant male body part in the middle of it. Somehow, I don't think that's quite the thing to be cleaning the house in!!

Clairissa said...

Well yeah for me cuz I've lost about 12 pounds in the last 8 weeks since I work out 3-4 times a week!!! No matter what diet you choose or what you eat, I've learned that vigorous exercise like 3 times a week is the key!!!!!!!!

Becky, care to join the gym with me? :) It's llllllllovely!!