Wednesday, March 22, 2006

writer's block

i came downstairs to work on a book-idea. (i aspire to be a great writer.)

i decided to first check my email-- which turned into a huge ordeal. BECAUSE, i started surfing the net to find ALL i could about the 80's cartoons, toys, etc. Erica received a Strawberry Shortcake book for her birthday, so it made me a bit nestalgic.
[you'll have to check out this fun list to see all sorts of 80's stuff]

First, i researched The Wuzzles. i absolutely LOVED the wuzzles. i watched them all the time, and had several books, and even a sleeping bag with the wuzzles on it!!! i was shocked to realize that there were only 13 episodes ever made. That's so few!!! i remember watching them all the time. [i must have seen a lot of reruns.] My favorite two characters were BumbleLion and ButterBear. I always thought that they would make a cute couple.

Then i looked up Rainbow Brite. my sister had a rainbow brite sleeping bag. i absolutely loved rainbow brite-- she was so pretty and colorful. i loved the colorful sleeves and boots she had.

and of course: He-Man and She-Ra. my brother had all the He-Man stuff: the castle, the sword. And my sister and i had the She-Ra stuff. totally loved it.

Amidst my surfing, i came across a great resource with all [well, most] of the 80s cartoons listed. And one was Superted!!! i totally had forgotten about him.

So, my final [yeah right] stop was to look up my FAVORITE childhood toy: Alfie. He was a little robot. he didnt move or anything. but you pressed buttons and stuff. if anyone wants to buy him for me, that would be great.

is it lame to want erica to play with toys / watch cute cartoons that i did as a kid? ok, i know its way out-of-date. there are much cooler toys now than Alfie. But look at him-- isnt he cute?

ah well, enough reminiscing for now-- i need to get some sleep!


Useless Man said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

'liya said...

I love remembering toys, I had the best time as a kid

Care Bears..
Cabbage Patch ..
My Little Ponies ..


Abigail S. said...

No, it's not lame!

Abigail S. said...

I miss Alfie. He was one cool 'bot!

Remember the Teddy Roxbin we had? Stupid thing kept breaking! Ah well.

Clairissa said...

I liked the Wuzzles too! And Punky Brewster!! She had really cool striped socks. Care Bears were great too!! Oh the 80's....