Wednesday, March 22, 2006

erica's first blog

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* ----- * ----- *

okay, she started crying b/c she was getting frustrated, so she's in her crib now sleeping. also kind of funny: she had written a whole bunch more than that, but somehow highlighted and deleted it all. ah well.

my kitchen is a mess. erica has decided that she loves pulling out the drawer under the oven and climbing in it. so-- all of my pots are strewn across the ground.
finger update-- its almost as if its getting worse. it actually stayed dry when i was at the pool, b/c i had it so wrapped up. but then that afternoon i decided to wash dishes. well, the water softened the scab, and now its hurting a whole bunch more, and its been starting to rip/tear open. (gross, i know)
i've been trying to give up coffee. a feat that is not going very well at this point in time. i have a cup of coffee sitting right in front of me as we speak... though, i didnt use creamer; i used whole milk. see, we started giving erica whole milk instead of formula. but she started to have some odd things happening: diaper rash, a bit of diarhea (not as bad as when she was sick though), runny nose, and wheezing. so, she's on formula again. i want to see if those things go away, cuz i'm not 100% sure its from the milk.
well, i'm off now-- gonna try to get around to everyone's blogs.


Michaela said...

We recently Desided to give up Soda, which isnt a HUGE thing for me but for my husband it is. he is a 3-4 big gulps a day kinda guy, so far he is doing great! good luck to you and the no coffee thing!

Clairissa said...

Why give it up? It's a simple pleasure in life that you deserve. (Sorry if my comment doesn't make it very easy for you to continue on with your quest.)

Raj said...

So Erica can type in both upper n lower case. Amazing! :)

Avery's mom said...

looks like there are two writers in the family :)