Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weekend Update

just a little catch-up:

it snowed this weekend! we got about 9 or 10 inches. it was so pretty. surprising, though, considering it hasnt snowed since the beginning of december.

Erica was with my parents over the weekend, b/c andrew and i had a valentine's banquet on saturday night. It was nice having her gone, b/c we could get a lot done around the house. we did a lot of cleaning, and we were able to shovel all of the snow w/o having to worry about her distracting us from it. The roads were pretty good by sunday afternoon, so i went to pick erica up. i decided to stay at my parents' house overnight, b/c i didnt know if the roads would get icy after dark. and i'm glad i did-- b/c abby's school was cancelled monday. so we spent the day together. it was lots of fun. we went to the mall, and while at Bath and Body Works abby bought erica a hot-pink rubber ducky.

i'm home now, and excited for a calm day... Erica was getting a bit moody b/c she was out of her normal routine for so long.


Raj said...

9 or 10 inches of snow?

thats a lot!!

Btw, does snow taste good?

Becky L said...

kind of

-- i'm trying to think how to describe it--

its cold (obviously). it tastes a bit dirty, actually... but not too much. its best when its "fluffy." but if it gets packed together, you kind of have to chew it, which makes your teeth really cold.

Clairissa said...

School called off, but you can go shopping. What is wrong (or RIGHT) with this picture?! :-P

Raj, have you never seen snow?