Tuesday, February 14, 2006

PA Politics

i've never blogged about politics before. i'm opinionated about politics-- i'm not one of those people who doesnt really care at all. (though, i dont really know everything thats going on-- but i try to follow it.) However, i dont feel like going into it on this blog b/c i dont want to start any controversies.

but, since i'm doing this whole Pennsylvania-thing, i figured i would tell you about my FAVORITE senator...

When i was in highschool, i had the opportunity to go to Washington DC for a week to join what was called "presidential classroom." Teenagers from all across the country come to DC for a week of seminars, small group discussions, tours of monuments, and times to meet with their own congressmen.

well, the first senator i was supposed to meet was Arlen Specter. He wasnt there. which i can kinda understand. but he didnt even have anyone there to meet with us. So, some intern was pulled into doing it. Well, we were supposed to ask all kinds of questions and things, b/c each group was to write a paper by the end of the week, on different topics. (my group had to write about america's role in foreign economics.) Well, this intern didnt know anything about specter's views on all these various topics. It was very dissappointing.

the next day, we got to meet Rick Santorum. HE SPENT OVER AN HOUR WITH US, answering questions and telling us all about himself, what he does, and what his views are. it was great. and then, he had someone from his staff take his picture with us... and two or three weeks after i came home i received a signed copy in the mail.

i now am a huge supporter of this guy. If he ever runs for president, i really think i would join in the campaign. Why?-- because i know he cares about his constituents. If he took that much time to spend with teenagers, he must really care about the people he represents. I think that would be a great quality in a president.

... Well, my hubby was listening to sports radio around the time of the super bowl, and they were talking on the phone w/ rick santorum-- b/c the steelers are from PA. They asked what he was doing for the game, etc etc. Well, one ? the asked was if he would ever run for president. --- He said no!!! he said that he has five children, and he doesnt think he could be a good father to them all and be a good president at the same time.

i was so bummed out. But then, i gained more respect for him.

So, when he runs for Senate again this next election, i am TOTALLY voting for him.


Crazy Me said...

I know nothing about politics. I get too bored listening to the speeches.

Abigail S. said...

3 cheers for Santorum!

Michaela said...

totaly off Subject But I think your Weather girl Changes clothes EVERY time I visit... hmmm

Becky L said...

--crazy me: yeah, some speeches do get rather boring. though, i try to listen anyway. the presidential debates hadnt been too bad, b/c they were changing topics all the time. though, ALL of the ?s seemed to be about Iraq, and honestly i'm quite tired of hearing about it... i'm not saying whether i'm for or against it.. i'm just tired of hearing about it every day

-- Abby: yippee!

--Michaela: yeah, she does change quite often. And she's just like me in that she never dresses appropriately for the season. She's now wearing a shirt that has her belly out (not that i'd go that far), even though its rather cold out. I was out today w/o a coat though. i hate coats.

Clairissa said...

Politics... ick! (no offense)