Friday, February 10, 2006

someone please talk some sense into me...

by the way, the surprise was: i baked his favorite cookies-- peppermint cookies w/ white chocolate chips. and i used my heart shaped cookie cutter to make them into little hearts.

OKAY-- so, my reason for blogging now--

i need someone to talk some sense into me. i'm just being irrational and not very understanding. Here's the thing: I'm home alone every weekday. it gets so boring. And to boot, i'm feeling queezy in my tummy today. so, i'm in a very downcast mood. i just need some PEOPLE INTERACTION!

instead, i'm home alone tonight. [well, erica is home. but i put her to bed early-- at 8:30. she was cranky and i didnt feel like dealing with it. dont get me wrong though-- she fell right asleep; its not like i just let her scream to sleep.]

andrew is "out with the guys." Actually, they're playing X-Box. And i know he deserves a break, a nice chance to relax after the crazy week at work. TOTALLY DESERVES IT.

but i'm so bored now! and lonely. can someone please just smack me and say: "Get over it!"


Abigail S. said...

I'm so sad... I'm not going to get to see Erica this weekend. Of course it HAD to snow the weekend I was going to babysit her. It hasn't snowed since early December! Grrr! That's life for ya.

Oh, and if you ever need sense talked into you, just gimme a call!

'liya said...

Take a day to go out with the girls (Erica included)!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Aw Becky. I'm so sorry you're feeling down. I hope it's hormonal and just goes away.

I remember a comment that "happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to"
Plan yourself a "gals night out". Plan it a week out so you can enjoy the anticipation too...and don't back out.

Also, my sister has gotten involved in some kind of online "Mommy" group. They plan playdates and things...and time for themselves. It keeps them from spending all their time in "kidland".
If you're interested, I'll send you some info on it. Surely they do the same in your area. It has really been great for her and for the baby. Good socializing.
Let me know hon.
Hang in there. K?

Abigail S. said...

I have your daughter... And I'm keeping her, too. Mwu ha ha!

(especially considering there's like a foot of snow outside!)

Raj said...

Get over it!

Happy now?

Tickneen said...

You selfish woman, how dare you feel that way! Just kiddin, you each NEED your time away from home. Start scheduling yours NOW! You deserve it!

Lindsey said...

You're allowed to be bored and aggravated. Just because you're at home while he works outside of the home, it doesn't mean yours is less important. Do you have any close girlfriends that you can have a 'girls night' with?

Becky L said...

thanks everyone for your comments...

i had an "a-ha" momment after typing the post. you know, one of the times when you say to yourself, "well, that explains it..."

see, december and january were so packed full of events. i had so much going on. When i flipped the calendar to february however, there was NOTHING scheduled for weekdays. NOTHING!!! i'm so bored now. and what made last week so bad is that i hadnt gone to our Library story time on monday b/c i thought erica was sick... so, i didnt get out then. On wednesday we were heading out and erica puked all over herself, so i had to go home with her. And friday morning i didnt get to go to my mothers' small group cuz erica was getting over that nasty puking/diarrhea thing.

hopefully this week is better!

Clairissa said...

Yes! Hope to see you tomorrow at the library. And you know you can always stop by. Sorry I didn't return your call the other day... it's been crazy around here lately. Let's make more time to hang out and that'll get ya movin' and groovin'... unless you find me boring... haha! :)