Monday, January 16, 2006

a clarification

okay, so it came to my attention that at least one person (the aforementioned hubby) misunderstood something that i wrote in a former post.

In "A Better use of my Time," i said: actually, a lot of that time, she's just playing alone. That DOES NOT MEAN that i sit on my booty all day long, sipping lemonade and watching soap operas.

For a few reasons:
1) i actually hate lemonade
2) i've confessed my sinful addiction to soap operas and have kicked the habbit. In fact, i dont watch ANY daytime TV anymore (except a little bit of news first thing in the morning).

My quote was true-- in the way that i was seeing things. I dont techniquely play with her all the time. She roams around the room, going from one thing to another. I follow, however. See, Erica's favorite thing to do is SEARCH AND DESTROY! she'll completely tear something apart and then crawl off to the next thing. So, i put it back together so that she can come back to it later. Its no fun playing with a stack of blocks that have already been knocked down!!!

babies at this age dont necessarily "play together" -- and thats why i said that i dont play with her. She doesnt have the skills and ability to really interact in a GAME type thing. Its not like i can sit down with her and play dolls. She throws them, bites them, sits on them, etc etc etc. But, i'll be there nearby to retrieve it when its launched across the room. I'll be there to wipe the drool off its face. I'll be there to pull it out from under her butt. etc etc etc.

In conclusion: If you got mad at me b/c i "sit around all day doing nothing," PLEASE dont be. i'm plenty busy all day. Really. I give my daughter ALL of my attention.

Happy monday!


missyfitz said...

You don't ever need to apologize for such things. Women are socialized to attack eachother around these issues. It is ok to not spend every waking hour and every brain cell on being a Mother. You are allowed to have a mind and express it in an adult way!!

Go girl.

Tickneen said...

I agree with missyfitz. The simple fact that you are home is word enough that you care. Lots of families either won't or don't make that sacrifice. I think people that have never had kids just don't understand. What is one to do with a little baby anyway. There isn't that much. Sure sit on the floor and let your leg fall asleep, sure give her that 100% attention, but then take a break. Kids need breaks too. I will quit now. Oh, and another thing. My wife was reading my blog for a short while and it seemed to cause conflict. She read into everything and it got to the point where I was defending what I wrote. I threatned to quit blogging so she quit reading it. She is still welcome to read it but it pisses me off because you have to explain your stuff. That NOT what my blog is for, my blog is for freedom to write anything, well almost everything. Sorry for chewing up your comment space.

Clairissa said...

Becky, at least you and I are HOME with our kids. I may get some people mad at me here, but we're making the sacrifices to be AT HOME with our child rather than shove them in daycare. Just your prescence, even if you're not totally tuned in on Erica 100% of the time, is great for her emotional growth and her feeling of safety and stability. Don't think you gotta be with her 24-7. Actually, in my opinion that is worse because they don't learn and grow and become independent... children need to become independent and have on-their-own time. Many experts will tell you that. So anyone that gives you crap about what you're doing... tell them to bite you because, "YOU DA MOMMA AND YOU KNOW WHAT'S UP!" :) :) :)

Beth Danae said...

your explanation makes sense, try babies at that age don't really interact much. They just want you went they need help and/or just want to know you're in the same room as they are :) That's my opinion.