Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A calm, lazy day

Well, with a baby, WHO KNOWS if a day will be calm! But we'll try!

erica and i have been "on the go" the past few days. We've all been so busy, doing this and that. So, today she and i are going to lock ourselves in the house. We may venture out to the porch, but thats it. We need some relaxing.

Last night, i stayed up a little bit. Well, not that late; only till 10:30 ish. i retreated down to the basement and did some writing. I aspire to be an author. So i was working on my novel-idea. but i wont share what its about-- no one will steal my plot!!

well, since today is gonna be lazy, i think i'll go. Maybe, in celebration of halloween (yes, i know its passed), i will watch a movie. what shall it be? hmm...

oh, but i do want to vaccuum today. my hubby will be proud of me if i do.


Crazy Me said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I love those totally free to do whatever the heck you want days. They are the best!!

Linds said...

I so envy you. After the last 4 weeks, I'd love to have a day at home! I hope I get one on Wed. I sort of asked for the day off (basically told them to call me if the phones were working, otherwise, I'd like to have some time off).

Clairissa said...

Oh you crack me up! I love those days as well. Reagan and I had one of those "stay in your jammies all day and play" days. He stays in his footie pajamas all day (which is all good with me since he looks so darn cute in them), and so do I (only mine don't have feet, of course). Gotta love it! :)