Monday, October 31, 2005

They say they flock in herds... they DO flock in herds!


hehe. I just felt like saying that. Sometimes my hubby reads this blog. So, i thought i'd make his day... either that, or really embarrass him.
Do you all like the pict of our family? I'm thinking of changing my profile pict to this one, since this is more up-to-date. This is at 7 1/2 months; the other was around 3 months. What do ya think? [oh, and fyi, thats abby's reflecting in our glass door, taking the picture.]

So, to the story at hand...

I've joined a Christmas Choir. Its been a LONG time since i've been in a choir. Probably the last time was in Jr. High School. So, i was a bit iffy about whether to do this or not. I'm really not the greatest at singing... though not the worst. And i'm stuck somewhere between soprano and alto. I cant go real low, but i cant go real high. So i didnt really know what to do!

Well, i decided to join. The one and only reason i decided to join was cuz it was something to give me some "away" time... without any guilt. Andrew was encouraging me to do this; he said he didnt mind at all watching Erica when i was at practice. So its a time when i can be away from home, without the pressures of changing diapers and wiping snotty noses (she's still a bit under the weather). I get to hang out with ADULTS! yippee!!! And my friends Val and Holly are there as well, which is nice. Holly and i share a music folder. I've decided to go with Soprano. I'm glad... cuz soprano's sing Melody. And since i STINK at sight-reading, its good to have melody.

SOOOOO.... .... .... the joys of lancaster county on a Sunday night! as i was driving home, the Amish were out in droves. I guess they were all going home from their gatherings. I'll tell you, its not easy navigating around all those horse and buggies, and bicyclists. At one point, there was a buggy right in front of me, and one coming the opposite way. I got to use some great driving skills to get around the one, but over in time before the other one.

And all the horse poop on the roads. YUCK! every time i drive over it, i cringe. i think: eewww... that stinky mess is gonna be stuck on my tires!!

[ps... major points to whoever knows what movie my title is from]


Abigail S. said...

Mad points to me for knowing the title of the movie... But I don't want to ruin it for everyone else... Hint: It's two words, the first word starts with J. That's all you're getting out of me!

I LOVE that family pic! I did a kick-butt job at taking it! (So yall know... it took 5 tries before we got a good one!)

Agnes Mitchell said...

I love the photo! It's a keeper. A happy moment!

Did you dress Erica for the holiday?

Linds said...

Oh, I loved the picture of you three (er sort of four since Abby's reflection was in the window). Your little girl is such a cutie!! She's going to be so big the next time I see her!!

Clairissa said...

I'm ruining it.. JURASSIC PARK! I only know because Becky was babbling about it on Monday morning at Little Steps. Ahh ha ha ha ha ... and Becky, you didn't blog about "The Target Bag." You must! It's funny, isn't it? OR do I just think so?