Friday, October 28, 2005

The Stairmaster and other Misc Items

Do you ever sit down to blog and think: I have nothing to write about... ? Or, at other times, do you think: I have TOO much to write about... ? Well, this is one of the occassions where i have SO MUCH to say.

Erica has mastered climbing the stairs. well, maybe not mastered. we have 12 steps going upstairs; she climbed six of them. On the seventh, she got tired and just sat down. Of course, i was right behind her. Making sure she didnt fall.

Hide and Seek:
Erica played hide and seek with me Wednesday night. I was in the bathroom putting on makeup. andrew was in the living room, watching her... and watching TV. i'm applying foundation, and i hear the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of her pants. I peer out the door-- SHE'S RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BATHROOM! though this may seem cute, its not. See, our basement stairs are directly across from the bathroom, so she was just two or three paces away from falling down. I picked her up and took her back to the living room. two minutes later, i hear the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. I take her back again, and inform my hubby that its not safe to just let her crawl away. two minutes later, i hear swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. She was laughing. This went on six or seven times. each time she came to find me, she just laughed and laughed.
I went out and bought a gate.

A Bit Sickly:
She's been sick for over a week now. Just a cold; not enough to go to the dr for, but enough to make things miserable. She's not eating much. So, we've been wasting formula. I've stopped making as much, cuz i know she wont drink it all. she still eats some fruits/veges, but not as much as normal. her sleeping pattern has been very erratic. She's tired all the time, but has a hard time falling asleep. her poor little clogged up nose! she snores when she's asleep; its cute.

Family Get-Togethers:
We saw my parents and sister last saturday. it was nice. abby and i had our birthday then. Yeah-- twenty four! Golly, i'm so young. Then, monday night we got together w/ andrew's family. His twin sister had a baby boy just two days after erica. [Isnt that funny?] His name is Joshua. He is such a cutie! He has the cutest cheeks and they're just begging to be pinched! [yes, i'm gonna be that awful aunt that pinches cheeks.] Now that they are both getting mobile, it was fun to see them playing together. Although-- since erica was so cranky, it was a bit hard to really let everyone enjoy her. Going there, i thought everything would be ok. She'd had three naps, and even snoozed in the car going there. ... Nope, i was wrong. Oh well.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping:
For my b-day, i got some $. So, i went out shopping. Yippee! i got some jeans-- awesome! awhile back, i had bought a pair of high heeled shoes, with the intent of wearing them with jeans. They were originally like $80, but i got them for about $15. Good deal. Well, to my disgruntlement, they only looked right with one pair of jeans. The others were just a bit too short to look right. So, now i have two MORE pairs to go with them. And they are NICE jeans. I got some other stuff too. had a nice time out and about. Got a Grande Raspberry Latte. Wow, life is great!

At JAQQ, there was a ? to write an infomercial for your blog. Well, i took what i had written and now its at the sidebar of my blog. It took me forever to figure it out; but with some help, i got it taken care of.


Clairissa said...

Loved the Hide-n-Seek story. I know what you mean about hearing the swoosh of their pants. I cracked up at, "I went out and bought a gate."

And awww Joshua *IS* cute! :)

Abigail S. said...

A lot of information in a very concise fashion. Bravo!

Erica is so cute! I miss seeing her. Well... I'll see her in two and a half weeks. That's much too long!