Friday, October 07, 2005

Noteworthy News?

ok, this isnt too noteworthy.

then again, it is-- because I'M posting about it.

did you hear that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are gonna have a baby? yup, thats right. here's the thing, though... according to his "religion," there is absolutely no talking allowed during the birth process. and no medication given either.

I'M TELLING YOU, without any epidural or other medicine of choice, there is GONNA be more than talking going on. screaming is more like it.

also, they're not allowed to talk to the baby for its first few days after being born. (i forget how long they said it was. it may be a few weeks. i dont quite remember.) the reason is that years down the road, the child wont be haunted by something said when first born. they say that the delivery process is so traumatic for the baby that adults shouldnt scare them by talking to them.

I'M TELLING YOU, that is such bad thinking. a newborn NEEDS to hear his/her parents talking and comforting him/her. i reckon that the child will grow up HAVING issues if no one talks to him/her in the early weeks.

okay, there's my spouting.


Her little inner-alarm clock has been going off at 4 AM instead of its normal 7. talk about BLAAA. well, when i went to check on her this morning, i walked in and SHE WAS STANDING UP, holding on to the crib bars. it was as if she was behind bars, crying: let me out of here! Now, this surprises me. b/c she hasnt really done a lot of pulling up. she has occassionally, but not much. and to think that she managed it this morning with only using the vertical bars. she didnt use the top horizontal bar to pull up; just the vertical ones.



Clairissa said...

Yeah, I heard they were... and his so called religion is RIDICULOUS! You're right... babies need talked to. Um hello, if the birthing process is soooo traumatic on the child, why then did God make it that way? Babies are tough and have no memory, I think He knew what He was doing. That annoys me!

Ohhh yes, how fun! I love when Reagan started standing up when he awoke. I think it's so cute!!

JordanS said...

0_o; what exactly kind of religion is that? The kind that tortures their babies?!?!?! Goodness, a child should hear their parents!!! And a man should talk to his wife giving her support!!!!

and AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that's so awesome! your lil girl is getting bigger, and oh so very cute!!! hehe laters


Abigail S. said...

The whole scientology "religion" is so stupid! The whole thing makes noo sense... at least, it makes no sense to normal people! Those hollywood people are anything BUT normal!

Clairissa said...

I agree... they all have spaghetti squash for brains, I think. And they badly need the Lord.

Lindsey said...

I think those people are off their rockers. And I can't believe she's pregnant. OMG! I guess his religon has no problem w/ sex before marriage.