Monday, October 10, 2005

A Perfect (almost) Wedding

My friend Janelle got married Satuday. It was perfect... except for the weather. The rain was awful. Many roads were flooded. Several people were late to the church, so we postponed the beginning by about 15 minutes.

Erica came to the wedding. Since my sister and i were bridesmaids, i obviously couldnt watch her. And, Andrew didnt want to have to step out with Erica if she got noisy. [I HATE when people keep their children inside a ceremony when they are noisy. its SOOOO disrespectful.] So, my mom came to keep an eye on her. Erica did need to be taken out for a little bit of the time. So, I'm glad my mother was there.

The ceremony was wonderful. I was a bit afraid while standing there, though. The step that I had to stand on was VERY small, and a few times I teetered back and forth. Thank goodness I did not fall. It was so hard!!!

The reception was fantastic. There was dancing, and we had a blast. I did not have dancing at my wedding. (it was more expensive; my hubby doesnt like to dance; we didnt want the reception to last that long-- especially since there was another reception scheduled for after us.) So, it was nice to have it at her wedding.

I'm so glad for my friend. The planning was rough, but now its all over, and everything went so well.

Janelle-- my best wishes to you and Mike!!


Debbie said...

Janelle and Mike finally got married - yeah!! :-)

Linds said...

ohh, your dresses were so pretty. did you like wearing strapless. yeah, we wanted dancing at our wedding too, but that didn't happen. oh, well. such is life. we'll just wait for another wedding to take advantage of it. :)

Abigail S. said...

Yup, it sure was a fun wedding! I had a great time!
And for Janelle's sake- I'm glad it's over!

Crazy Me said...

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

Clairissa said...

I *hated* planning my wedding... I wanted to elope. Is that NORMAL? ha ha

Anyway, I'm glad for your friend. Marriage is great, ain't it?! :)

Beth Danae said...

very cute family picture, and what a nice dress.. lookin good! :)