Thursday, October 06, 2005

feed me, feed me!

i smell like spit-up. its nasty. for some reason, erica has spit up THREE TIMES already today-- all just from her breakfast! go figure.

i made cookies yesterday for andrew. he's been really wanting some. they are Peppermint cookies w/ chocolate chips. basicly, its your normal choco chip cookie but with mint extract in it. i must admit, when i made them i tasted one... ok, three... to make sure they were done. but be proud of me!!!... cuz at night, when andrew snacked on cookies AND icecream, i enjoyed a nice peach. yum!

STINK IT! she just spit up again!

... ... ...

so anyway. yeah, peaches. fuzzy goodness.

i digress in my purpose of posting. so, erica's sleeping pattern was abnormal yesterday. so, she ended up sleeping from 4:50-6:00. so, she didnt have dinner with us. we had to skadaddle out so we woke her and took her along w/o feeding yet. upon arriving at our destination, we left her in the nursery. i had already made her bottle. i said to the lady there: "her bottle is here in her bag. she'll need it soon."

well, i guess that lady left and 2 others came in. the message of the bottle was not relayed. so, when i picked Erica up at 9:00, they said she had done well; they didnt even have to feed her. i was confused. ... huh?...

here's the thing. oftentimes, because she'll eat before getting dropped up, she may need just a little bottle towards the end... but not always.

WELL, they didnt know that she WAS SUPPOSED TO EAT, so they never fed her. luckily, the little girly wasnt cranky. she really wasnt! i couldnt believe it!!! she loves getting attention, so since everyone was ohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over her new ability to crawl and move around, she never stopped to even THINK about needing to eat.

so, we ran her home and fed her. i was a bit ticked cuz the bottle was now wasted. formula isnt cheap. and i had made 8 oz. and just threw it out. blaahh.

my baby went from 3 until 9:30 without food. :-( most ADULTS cant even do that!


Clairissa said...

That's crazy, but like I've told ya before, Reagan went through that stage too. Where they're too interested in exploring and not in eating. Watch out 8 or 9 months... they get ravenous because of a growth spurt!

I wouldn't be too worried, though. By her appearance, she is not suffering any! Healthy, healthy little tyke. :) But I know what you mean about wasting formula. It used to make me sick when I had to throw it down the drain. I'm glad now that Reagan's eating patterns are precise and predictable so I RARELY (if ever) have to waste. I'll just be glad when we're done with formula - period! Gooooo COW'S MILK!! :)

Lindsey said...

You poor thing..I hate being covered inbaby throw smell forever.

Becky L said...

linny... especially when its SOY formula!!