Thursday, October 06, 2005

Creamy Chicken Crescents

Okay, Clairissa gave me a recipe Monday for a mexican type dish using crescent rolls. i told her that i have a good crescent-roll recipe that i'd email. well, i dont feel like traveling over to Yahoo Mail, so i'm just gonna post it. you all can enjoy it as well. its an AWESOME meal!! my hubby really likes it. i made it for my family, and they loved it too.

1 Tube Crescent Rolls
1 C Shredded Chicken (i normally use 2 chicken breasts, and have leftovers)
1/2 C Grated Cheddar Chez [or more chez if desired.] (i spell cheese 'chez')
1 Can Cream of Chicken
1/2 C Milk
1 T onion

(I apologize ahead of time; i'm the kind of cook who doesnt do things "precisely." so this may seem scattered.)
*Cook your chicken and shred it in a food processor (or your appliance of choice.)
*Open up your crescent rolls. On an ungreased (or greased if you want; it doesnt really matter), flatten the 8 triangles out so that they are much bigger; as thin as you can get it.
*On top of 4 of the rolls, spoon in chicken. Add some cheese. Then, take the extra flattened rolls and put them on top of the filled ones. Pinch the sides closed.
*Bake 18-20 minutes @ 375.

*In saucepan, mix the cream of chicken soup, milk, onion, and remaining cheese. Let simmer and stuff.
*IF you have a lot of chicken left, you can save it for an extra meal down the road. If there is only a little bit left, not worth saving, then throw it in the sauce. i often do that. It really all depends on: a. how much you shredded, and b. how full you made the rolls.

When all is done, SERVE! Each person can spoon over as much sauce as they want.

[Side note: if you want to make MORE than just the 4, go ahead. but you probably dont need to double the sauce. i find that there is MORE than enough in just the one batch of it.]


Clairissa said...

You're too funny!

Michaela said...

Sounds like the Papered Chef things they do... I love them... SUCH wonderful Kitchen Dodads!