Thursday, October 13, 2005

Clairissa Explains It All

Ok, i know you probably hate that saying. oh well.

Yes, Clairissa was right. I'm so SICK and TIRED of being TIRED!

Erica just had another tooth come in (see previous post for minor details), so it made her wake in the middle of the night. so, i'd give her tylenol and water, change her diaper, and put her back in her crib.

the thing is, even though the tooth is well in place, she's still waking up. although, is she really "waking?" thats the question. she'll be crying, even sitting or standing up. i'll go pick her up and give her some water, and she wont even drink it; her eyes'll be closed and she's back to sleep.


so, tuesday night was one such night. this time, however, even though she wouldnt drink the water, she didnt really settle down. still a bit fussy. so, i put her in the crib, closed her door, closed MY door, and laid down.

she cried. and cried. i listened. and listened. but did not get up. she cried maybe 20 minutes and then fell asleep. NOW, it wasnt "screaming" crying. i can tell the difference between just a cry and her somethings-really-wrong cry. and this was just a cry.

well, that was like at 11. ok, so its not really that late. but i didnt care. i was still tired. she woke up again at 3. what did i do? i just listened. and listened. and she cried. and cried. and then she fell asleep, after about 15 minutes.

last night, i did the same thing. Before i went to bed, i closed her door and my door. when she woke up at 2, i could hear her, but andrew didnt. [thats the key-- cuz if he hears it, then i have to go to her. so, i need the doors to stay closed, so he'll stay asleep.] she cried for 10 minutes and then fell back asleep. AND, she slept in until 8 this morning instead of her normal 7.



Abigail S. said...

Clairissa really DOES explain it all!

(And yeah... that tv show was a bit... odd)

Clairissa said...

Wait, did I miss something? Are we talking about ME here... or the TV show. Just so I know.

Becky L said...

duh... you.

i just took the title from the tv show.

you've been saying for WEEKS, nay MONTHS to try this.

guess what?

she slept thru the night last night!

Clairissa said...

If I know all then why am I so confused about what I said to try? I've said to try so many things, but which of those things are you referring to?

Thank you for your patience! HAHA

Ohhh... congrats on that (E sleeping through the night). Tell her I said, 'Bout time, girlie!!" ;-) Did you do anything differently?