Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Who's afraid of the big bad dentist

i've never been one to fear going to the dentist. i dont understand why some people hate their trips to this guy (or gal).

i had a dentist appointment monday. all went well. no cavities in my mouth. YIPPY! not that i was worried. i brush my teeth. (i dont floss... i'm bad in that regard.) i use lysterine, so i'm fighting gingivisis. (i know, i cant spell!)

the dentist gave me tips on how to take care of Erica's teeth. Have i mentioned that she has three teeth now? they're all on the bottom. she was SPITTIN' MAD when this last one came in. it looks funny, cuz its really crooked. i'm sure itll straighten out though. anyway, he said not to let her drink juice, especially before bedtime. well, i dont give her juice at all. just water. i see juice as unnecessary calories.

i'm supposed to start wiping her teeth just with a washclothe or something. he said brushing REALLY isnt appropriate for this age. so, i guess i'll do that at nightime

the problem is, i have absolutely NO bedtime routine for her. i want to start one, but never get around to it. i'm afraid that by reading a nightime book or singing a nightime song will just wake her up MORE, not help her settle down.

so, what can i do?

change diaper; wipe teeth; read book; sing song; kiss on cheek; place in crib.

does that sound good?


JordanS said...

I have a dintist apt. on friday =\ hold me.. ;_____;

hehe and your plan sounds good... doubtful from what I know of kids =/ but cute none the less... Personally (yeah this advice from a 18 year old virgin who has zero kids... WELL HEY! I helped take care of my nieces since they were born, and they lived with us for 7 months) I know that kids will not be predictable at all, and that any plans you have will HAVE to be super flexable... hehe but yours sounds like a good outline, I agree! Start one!! and take care of her teeth!!! so she wont end up like me =\

Lindsey said...

I don't have kids so I'm not sure...but I would do something that is quiet and soothing. Reading the book sounds good. it won't get her too worked up. good luck

Clairissa said...

OK your opinionated friend has lots to say... first off, don't take nutritional advice from a dentist, talk to your pediatrician. Some juice each day IS very important for extra vitamins. If your pediatrician isn't tell you that, then switch pediatricians. haha My next problem is with the washcloth.. I personally would find that hard to do and a little toothbrush is easier and the toothpaste fights weird formula breath. But more importantly than that Becky, using an actual toothbrush gets them used to brushing their teeth when they are old enough to start doing it "for real" so it isn't such a shocking change... do things gradually, ya know? I would suggest you use a baby tooth brush and tooth paste (I use Oral-B and I like it alot... my dentist gives out the tooth brushes free, one every six months, which saves me a couple bucks, but I go to a ritzy dentist where the door knobs are practically made of gold, so maybe not all dentists do that, LOL). Also, you should be cleaning her teeth TWICE a day. Mid-day is good or when she wakes up in the morning, and the last thing before bed (AFTER any bedtime bottle).

As far as a routine for bedtime, babies THRIVE on predictability. I get tired of people saying that you can't schedule a baby/child... YES YOU CAN, if the adult themselves is scheduled. I would suggest reading a book before NAPS, but not at bedtime, as speech does arouse a child more. The bedtime routine doesn't have to be anything big and grandeous... just the SAME all the time. Even if it is just what you say... what I mean is, Reagan's bedtime routine is the same in that he gets a bottle in the SAME chair in the living room all the time, I walk him upstairs while saying the SAME thing to him EVERY night, and then place him in the SAME place in his bed every night and cover him with his blanky. That's it! So don't stress... it doesn't have to be some BIG thing with multiple activities, just keep a steady rhythm and say/do the same things so Erica learns what is to come next. Here, this will tell you how scheduled Reagan is: for his naps, we read books in the rocker right before he goes down, and after reading, the second I walk up to his crib and start saying my SAME "shpeel" to him, he rubs his eyes and burries his face in me EVERYTIME... even if a minute ago he was being active while we read and babbling a mile a minute. He suddenly just turns off... because he knows it's time. THAT is what you want... Erica needs to know what is to come next. Children are WAY more secure when they can predict the day's activities. They then feel like they have some control and "say" in what goes on during their day. Hope that helped --- sorry it's so long! :)

Clairissa said...

Hey, Becky... P.S. I have a SECOND blog now. Click on my profile and check it out. It's called, "Threegether." :) And anyone else can check it out too!!

Raj said...

I don't know why people make a big deal abt going to the dentist either. Its actually kinda fun.

Its always good to have a routine, whether you can folow it or not is an entirely different topic.

Michaela said...

Well I worked with kids for 7 years... And I agree with Clairissa, a Toothbrush will help her know what it is, and not be to freaked out to use it. You always want to "introduce" things like that to your child as soon as possible. and her tiny teeth need the brushing. Also a bed time Routine is a good thing. anything you can do thats the same it wonderful Kids Thrive on Consitancy.. when they know whats going to happen it helps to make the change easyer. I am not sure what you should do with her... but you should do something! best of luck to you!

Clairissa said...

I agree Michaela... children feel most secure when things are consistent. They feel as though they have a measure of control over their own little lives, which is an important element even at this age. And YES for gosh sakes, get her a stinkin' toothbrush!! :-P