Friday, October 14, 2005

Nasty, Nastier, Nastiest

Okay, so i thought i'd go into conversation about baby food.

what can i say... i'm out of interesting things to talk about.

Some is good, some is gross, and some is just plain AWFUL and should be banned. i'm gonna go in the order by which we introduced them to her.

a. Rice Cereal. Its not too bad. FYI to those who are baby-illiterate-- baby cereal is this ground up powder stuff. you add water to it to make it soupy. I'm so stupid... when erica was first born, people told me to put a bit of cereal in her bottle. i thought: how will cheerios get thru the bottle? oh well... So, the stuff isnt too bad. its just bland. it has no real taste.

b. Green Beans. Its not too bad either. Ok, ok, so most people would barf at the taste of it. but i didnt think it was too awful. I hate canned green beans-- i'd much rather have them fresh or frozen. but, baby mushed up green beans taste like canned green beans. so, its not great, but not too bad either.

c. Squash. This stuff is good. At least, compared to green beans it is.

d. Sweet Potatoes. Out of all the baby vegetables, this is the BEST! they are very sweet tasting. (hence forth, sweet potatoes.)

e. Applesauce. Erica didnt like this at first. Now she does. I think the intial tartness of it shocked her. Well, this is good stuff. Its applesauce. nothing nasty about it at all.

f. Oatmeal. Well, erica had a reaction to this. i did get to taste it though. it wasnt too bad. like normal oatmeal, just really watered down.

g. Bananas. DISGUSTING!!! this is the WORST baby food around!!! it wins the prize for most nastiest food. I was so shocked. i thought "surely, bananas will be good." nope. not at all. i'd sooner eat her peas than this... and thats saying something!

h. Peas. They arent very good at all. I dont like peas, and since baby food always tastes grosser than normal food, its really yucky.

i. Carrots. I tried giving her these. She got really moody while on them. it may have just been a coincidence. but i stopped giving them to her. i'll start up again soon. anyway. they werent too bad. not the greatest. but, the "orange" vegetables are generally better than the green ones.

j. Cheerios. YIPPIE! nothing gross about these!

k. Pears. I like pears. The baby food pears have a consistency basically the same as applesauce. it actually is a bit bland, but tastes pretty good.

l. Peaches. I like peaches. But for some reason, i didnt think that these tasted as good as normal peaches. i dunno. i only gave it to her twice. she started spitting up REALLY bad, and i thought it may be a reaction to the peaches, so i stopped giving them to her. well... she's still spitting up. so its not the peaches. so, i'll probably give them to her again today.

I think that's it. Yup.

Now, i've tried all of these. And sometimes, when she doesnt quite finish what i dished out, i would finish it myself. but i read somewhere that that's not a good habbit to get into. cuz then you'll be finishing they're leftovers ALL THE TIME, and start to actually gain weight. So, i'm trying to quit it now. Even something as simple as a cheerio that fell on the ground, i'll throw out. I know that its just a Cheerio-- but again, i dont want to get into the habbit.

Though, whenever i give her something new, i probably will just taste it once, just to see what its like.


JordanS said...

Sweet Potatoes ARE NUMMY!!!!! My niece ate them and she fed me some at the same time (aww such a good sharer) hehe

Michaela said...

One thing you can do so that the baby Cereal isnt so Bland... is mix it with the sweet Potaotes or Squash... some people so the applesauce too... I know some kids wont eat the cereal With out it being mixed.

Abigail S. said...

Yeah, the bananas ARE nasty!

And I thought they would have been the best!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Becky, I'm so very amused that you've tasted the baby food. For reasons I won't bother to go into, we've been feeding the cats turkey and beef for years. I have yet to be able to bring myself to taste it.
It smells like meat. That's good enough.

My nephew LOVES pears. He's a bit older than yours. He's eating chopped pears now. You cannot get him away from them.
His mother had a thing for apples and apple juice. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing. Apples will rot the teeth. Who knew?

JordanS said...

=\ I could really go for some sweet potatos right now....

Raj said...

I've never had baby cereal in my life. My mom tells me that I threw it up everytime she tried to make me eat it.

Clairissa said...

I agree with Michaela (we seme to always agree, how about it girl? haha)... I mix fruits or veggies with Reagan's cereal ALLLLLL the time, and almost always have. But you've done that with Erica, right? Well, I've told you about it I thought, so if you haven't tried it TISK TISK! He, check out my post about POOP on my blog, Threegether. HAHAHA

P.S. I never had any desire to really eat any of Reagan's food, just for the record.