Thursday, September 15, 2005

tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock... Commercials Part 3

Alright. We've had Commercials Part I, Commercials Part II. Now its time for Commercials Part III. its like a trilogy... though i'll probably make more in the future. but for now... its a trilogy.

Commercials that TICK me off:

1. Pretty much any Medicine comercial. i remember back-in-the-day, i heard on the news that medicines were gonna start advertising via TV, and i thought "yeah, right." well, it has come true. this is why they tick me off: NO ONE CAN GO OUT AND BUY IT! you need a prescription from a doctor. he or she is gonna tell you what would be best to use. now, i dont mind like the tums, tylenol, etc commercials. actually, i started using Tylenol again b/c of their new "Stop. Think. Tylenol." commercials.
Here's one that REALLY gets me... Wellbutrin LX (or something like that). its an antidepressant. Now, i'm not saying that i think medicine for depression is bad... i realize that some people do require meds for that. BUT, the ad is dumb. these people have cheesy smiles on their faces, and keep saying: "And its nice to know that there's a low risk of [certain] side effects." COME ON, PEOPLE! like someone who is dealing with depression is gonna give a fake smile and say that. no way.

2. Any kind of commercial/advertisement for the health insurance company: Health Assurance. yeah... thats what we have, and i HATE IT!

3. The new Wendy's commercial for their Ranch sandwiches. the commercials are DUMB! i guess they dont really tick me off-- they just annoy me. the stupid tooth keeps saying : ranch! ranch! and i keep saying: how silly!!!

4. The commercial for Rimmel Volume Boost Lip Color. or whatever its called. this blonde skank-looking chick is wearing this awful nasty lipgloss. she looks very "loose." -- if you know what i mean.

5. Speaking of lips... some toothpaste has this commercial out. i think its Colgate Total Whitening, but i could be wrong. anyway, this pale blonde girl is wearing bright red lipstick. she says that she wears it to make her teeth look whiter. if you ask me, she just looks plain silly. no one is gonna notice the teeth cuz they're too busy seeing how yucky that lipstick is on her. ... some people can wear red and look great. but pale people normally CANNOT.

6. Oh, this one REALLY makes me mad. You know those dairy commercials? they say that having three servings of dairy can help you lose weight? first of all, have you noticed that the girls in the comercials dont NEED to lose weight? interesting. anyway, i went to the website to scope it out. here, in the fine print, it says that clinical studies have proved it can help OBESE people lose weight. not already-healthy-weight people. now, i recommend people get their dairy-- help build those bones and fight osteoperosis. but, its not gonna help you shed pounds unless you have LOTS to lose.

7. The new "Dibbs" ice cream bites from Edies. they're little pieces of icecream covered in a hard chocolate shell. they say its the NEW thing in icecream. I HATE TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE, but this same idea was produced in the 80's or 90's. not sure exactly when. they were called "bon bons" (i think).

Ok, thats it... i think.


There is one commercial (well, set of commercials) that are just absolutely FUNNY! have you seen the Capital One commercials with David Spade (i think thats his name)? well, he works for some company and they always say: no, no, no, no. Well, the new guy has started working there. and David Spade likes giving him a hard time. Spade is on the phone with a big tough mad guy who is sick of no. He comes up to the office and says: I'm gonna get you! So, Spade says "oh, i'm shaking in my bright yellow shirt" -- b/c the new employee is in the hall wearing a yellow shirt. the mad guy chases him around, and the worker is squeeling like a pig. ITS GREAT!


Clairissa said...

I happen to LOVE the Ranch Tooth on the Wendy's commercials, and I think often the commercials are better than the shows.

Would ANDY like to add his two cents worth to THIS television-related topic? :-P

Crazy Me said...

Love the David Spade commercials too!

JordanS said...

omg! HAHAHA I know what you mean, I HATE all of those! (atcually I hate tv all together) I laughed! Funny

btw good! I figured you'd know how to do that computer stuff hehehe, but wanted to help if maybe you didn't know. And Thank you for the comment on my blog :D I hope you like it, I like yours!

Becky L said...
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Clairissa said...
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Abigail S. said...

I hate medicine commercials. 85% of the commercial is listing the side effects. Hello! The doctor can tell you that when he prescribes it! And I HATE it when they don't even tell you what the medicine is meant to treat. There was this one (forget what it was called) that listed side effects, and said talk to a doctor but no where did it mention what the med did (I found out later- via some news article) that it treated cholestorol.

Oh, and I LOVE the Wendy's ranch commercials! They make me giggle like a school girl!