Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh, the cleverness of me!

thats a quote from the newest Peter Pan movie, the one with real people.

anyway, my computer works again! yeah!

i had hundred... nay, thousands of cookies and items in my temporary internet files.

i cleaned them up, and now everything works.



JordanS said...

yay!!! You should reguarly run DiskCleanup to get rid of all that usless stuff and to compress all your unused files to make more space and make your computer run better. You should also Defragment your hard drive every so often to move files to make your computer run cleaner. I'm guessing you know how to do all these things? And make it so your computer does them auto matically? If not tell me and I could explain it better.


Becky L said...

i know how. this is my hubby's computer, so i thought he was keeping up with it... aparently not

Abigail S. said...

Yall need to check for spyware too. I had to completely erase everything from my comp and reinstall it this week because of spyware. I couldn't do anything on my comp because pop-up ads kept popping up every 5 seconds. It was horrible!

Clairissa said...

Yeah anyway --- good thinking Abigail! I had a brand spankin' new Dell at work last year that ceased to work 3 months after I got it because of, you guessed it, SPYWARE! They're saying that spyware is even worse than viruses now and in some cases can do more damage. Go to for a really great FREE spyware deletion program that you can run periodically to keep things in check. It even has a cute little red bug that blinks when it finds spyware. I had used it before I got the newest version of Norton Systemworks which takes care of spyware itself.

Becky L said...

dad never installed spyware doctor on your computer? thats so odd. he helped us get it MONTHS ago.