Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Random Thoughts

Ok, i have lots to write about.Instead of posting them all seperately, i'll put them all in one entry-- each with its own title.

I'm trying to make an entry (obviously) and to my dismay, there is no toolbar... nothing to let me insert pictures, links, etc. are other people experiencing this, or is it just me?

I've heard in the news (as you may have also) that two parents have been keeping their 11 kids locked up in cages. these cages were only 2 feet high and 3 feet long. there was no bedding, and police say that the cages stank of urine. nasty. the parents say that the kids (who had different disorders) were locked up for their own protection. Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but autistic children are not dangerous, are they?
this is awful. police say that this may have been going on for THREE YEARS! how can people do this? i thank God that the 2 were caught. i hope that the children will be able to escape permanent mental/physical damage from this... but i dont think that will happen.

my blogs normally seem so upbeat and happy. but, i will this once connfess that i'm not completely ok. i've been so depressed lately. not really sure why. but, now you know.

i wish i could insert a picture here. MAN, i wish i knew what was wrong with my posting settings!
So, as i've admitted previously, i watch Passions of NBC quite regularly. some of it is ticking me off, other parts are intriguing me.
1. I started watching b/c of Chad and Whitney. See, they were gonna get married. Then, by some random chance (yeah right), they found out that they were actually half-siblings. see, her mother had been a bit scandalous in her younger days and had a baby with a rich guy, Julian. They gave the baby up for adoption. and of course, broke up. so Eve (Whitney's mother) married another guy and had a family. so, now Chad and Whitney can't be married. I found this intriguing so i started watching the show. UPDATE: well, whitney was pregnant! oh no! so she seduced another guy so that everyone would think it was his baby. this lie went on and on and on... FINALLY, she told Chad the truth. YEAH! no, not really. cuz now they're just dragging out this stupid thing. Chad keeps telling her that they need to be a family, she says no, bla bla. now she joined a convant (right) in order to stay away from him.
2. Fancy and Noah. This is my new favorite plot. I didnt like it at first, but now i do. Fancy is from the rich family. Noah is from a normal-income family. They met in Las Vegas, and went thru several adventures together (like running from the Mob). they didnt realize that they were from the same town. each went their own way... just to end up meeting together. the odd thing is, Fancy's mother divorced her father, and then it was revealed that she and Noahs dad had a thing going on. How complicated. well, then Fancy's grandfather (he's the catalyst for all disaster in the Soap) had Noah's father fired from his job of Chief Police Officer. So, noah was mad about that. but... they put aside their differences and went on a very romantic date (sigh). but, it ended suddenly when Fancy's grandfather almost caught them together. See, he doesnt want Fancy to date anyone "beneath" her, so she cant tell him about Noah. Unfortunately, Noah heard Fancy tell her grandfather that she would never be like her mother who left wealth to be with a lowlife like Sam Bennet (Noahs dad). well, noah was ticked. cuz first of all, she put down his father, secondly she denied liking someone like him, and third- she didnt have the guts to stand up to her grandfather. so, Noah and Fancy have one last conversation. he tells her to stand up for what she wants, she says she cant b/c grandfather will take away all her money, and he says that she can work-- maybe making her own jewelery line-- he says he can help her run the business. she says no. So, they say goodbye. ARGH! they need to get over themselves and just get together. see, the real problem is, both of them are crazy about the other, but they wont admit it!
3. Noah's sister (Kay) is in love now with Fancy's brother (Fox). Now, Fancy/Fox's mother is furious. One would wonder why. See, she wasnt too against the idea of Noah and Fancy being together. Doesnt it seem hypocritical or something to hate fox and kay together? especially since Kay is the daughter of the man Ivy (the mother) loves? well, Ivy is trying EVERYTHING in her power to get them apart. dumb blonde. (no affence to blondes-- just Ivy)
4. I'm sick of this one. Sheridan (mean old rich guy's daughter) was in love with Luis. they were gonna get married and all. well, there was a problem. See, luis thought that his former girlfriend had a baby with him-- named Marty. around the same time that Marty was born, Sheridan had been pregnant, was kidnapped until her child was born, then her child was taken and the person tried to kill Sheridan. Gee, one would wonder how it took so long for the truth to come out. When Sheridan would see Marty, she got this overwhelming sense of a mother-child bond. she told luis over and over that it was THEIR child, but he didnt believe it. well, the truth finally came out, but the former girl friend escaped the country with the boy. now sheridan is SO mad at luis, she made him leave town and doesnt want to ever see him again. how stupid of her.
5. i'm also sick of this. Theresa (Luis' sister) is in love with Ethan (who is Fancy's brother-- but also Sam Bennet's son-- Ivy and Sam had had an affair years ago, but she passed Ethan off as her husbands son). WELL, theresa and ethan were gonna get married, but ethan had gotten gwen pregnant. so her married her instead. well, somehow gwen's baby died. ever since, theresa has been trying to get him back. theresa now has a baby w/ ethan (b/c she seduced him secretly by drugging him). he keeps insisting that he will stay with his wife, but she keeps telling him that he loves her and should leave his wife for the real woman he loves. bla bla bla. i'm sick of it. theresa-- just fall in love with someone else. PLEASE!
ok, thats it for now. there are more plots, but i dont really care about them. honestly, right now its only Noah/Fancy and Kay/Fox that keep me watching.


magsexton said...

I enjoyed viewing your blog sites. Thank you for your comments on President Bush. We so envy you people for having such a moral and courageous leader. You can't imagine what we have here in Canada. Your aby picture was nice. We had eleven children but one son and one daughter have gone to Heaven. Family life is not encouraged here with the Government we have. Mothers are being forced into the workplace so they have to place their children in daycare where children will be raised by individuals who have a different set of principles and values than their parents. We have children in Canada who come home to a key hidden under the doormat then to unsupervised TV and internet. No so great for family life is it?

Clairissa said...

Sheesh! I'm worn out after reading all that. And I thought DAYS was confusing!!! :)

Abigail S. said...

Holy crap you wrote a lot... I didn't have time to read it- I'll come back tomorrow and read.
I still love you though

andy said...

soap operas are dumb and I didn't read your entire blog b/c it was about a soap opera. People sit around and make up those stories. They are fake; actors; fiction. I regard soaps the same as I regard secular romance novels. I regard "Christian" romance novels a little higher than secular and I think people would be better off if they didn't watch TV at all or read romance novels. Feel free to ask me if I manage to do anything better with my non-work time than read romance novels or watch soaps.

Michaela said...

OH I have two Hidden Sins.. I love to Watch All My Children and General Hospital *Generaly Horse piddle* I even tape them when I am working so that I can watch it later... WOAH is me. I got Addicted to AMC when Greenly and Leo got together.. And everytime I get hooked on a New Plot I say " when all this is worked out I wont watch it anymore" But I get SUCKED In with a New one.. the Whole Babe thing now has me watching.. and Greenly Ryan! ACK I am Addicted!

Clairissa said...

I too watch "AMC" now in addition to Days... I started watching once Alec won a contract to appear on the show as Del Henry (on "I Wanna Be a Soapstar.") So now I have TWO more shows to keep up with. I TiVo them all (like 50 gazillion shows). When and where will it end?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I'm just glad to find out I'm not the only one. I say the same things, Michaela!!

Becky L said...

andy-- you say that Soaps are a waste of time. i used to think so too. in one of my VERY previous posts, i talk about that. its "confessions of a stay at home mommy." i used to think they were completely dumb. i still kinda do. but, its the only thing i watch all day (besides like 20 minutes of The Today Show in the morning to catch up on my news). so, dont hate me too much.

Clairissa said...

Soaps are no more a waste of time than anything that GUYS like to watch. If we go so far as to say soaps are a waste of time, then we need to go ALL THE WAY and say TV IN GENERAL IS A WASTE OF TIME.

Men just have this need to think that everything they watch/do/say is alright, but if women watch it/do it/say it then something MUST be wrong with it, right? ;-)

Abigail S. said...

AMEN Clarissa!

And Becky- that was a bit much! My eyes hurt! I need to go see an eye specialist after reading all of that!

Anonymous said...

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