Friday, September 30, 2005

I want my mommy!

(picture is of erica getting into my pile of clothes that i had JUST folded. sigh... its like she KNOWS what she's not supposed to get into and so she GOES for it.)

i feel bad for girls who dont have good relationships with their mothers.

i, for one, LOVE my mommy. i rely on her so much. since erica was born, i've called her several times with: "I dont know what to do," and "i cant do this!" when i'm sad, i just think "i want my mommy!"


well, i think erica is starting her "i want my mommy" stage. babies generally go through a stage where they want their mommy and feel really upset when she's gone. (although, if its the father staying home, or a grandparent, the baby will most likely want THEM, b/c thats who they see all day and are more attached to.)

she at least is in a "i want people" stage. she gets so upset when she's left alone. so often, she starts crying when i go into another room. ... though, this was cute-- yesterday, i left her in the living room and went into the kitchen to wash her bottles. i kept an ear out to make sure she wasnt getting into stuff. i stopped hearing her playing with her toys, and wondered what she was up to. well, wouldnt you know it, she ended up crawling ALL THE WAY into the kitchen. though, when she started reaching for the garbage can, i moved her. thats just GROSS!! think of all the germs on that thing.

its been difficult. she has been getting up in the night again. she just doesnt want to be alone. i considered having her sleep in my bed, but thought that wouldnt be a good habbit to start. so, i just gave her a bottle of water, changed her diaper, and she went to sleep again.

and during the day, its hard to get stuff done too. she's in a generally grumpy mood right now. its as if she doesnt even know what she wants. she'll be sitting up, then she goes down to her hands and knees to go for a toy, but then just starts crying. i just dont get her.

ah, well... such are the adventures of mommyhood.


Linds said...

I loved reading how she crawled into the kitchen to be with you. That's soo adorable! Hmm, now I know who to call if I ever have problems with knowing what to do whenever I have kids (in the future not now!)

Clairissa said...

Well guess what MY little pumpkin did today?

HE SAID "BOOK" for the FIRST time!!! I also think he is trying to say ball. But he was sitting by himself playing with a book... and he kept saying book... well more like "boo" with a very silent K. Then my mom came over, and he said it for HER!

OK, like I realize this isn't my blog so I will shut up now. Aren't you excited though Becky? WHAT FUN OUR CHILDREN ARE!!!!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Wait until she starts walking. I visited my nephew today and he's now walking's like where did my tiny baby go?