Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Friendship Rekindled

I just killed a GIGANTIC spider (thought you'd like to know).

I was on Xanga (which, by the way, I do not like Xanga AT ALL-- i just use it to keep in touch w/ some other friends), and one of my friends had an entry that just said: thankful for a friendship rekindled.

lately, i've been missing some of my old friends. its quite sad-- it makes me want to cry. (ok, i'm being a bit overdramatic. i'm just feeling melancholy -- i just wanted to use that word!)

i've really been wanting to touch-base with some of them. some, not all. for example, there was this one guy who had been a HUGE jerk to me-- really kind of devastated me. and of all ironies, i had run into him. (this was like year ago.) i had been at my college, checking my student mailbox, and went to the trash can around the corner to throw out the useless fliers, and there he was! i had known him in South Carolina, and in all places he was in Lancaster, PA. needless to say, that was not a joyous revisiting.

on the other hand, i ran into an ex-boyfriend the other week. (no, not bad. i have nothing against him, and vice-versa. it was YEARS ago.) he lived in Massachusetts, and went to college in Philly. i was at my mall here in Lanc with my sister. and we ran into him. he got to see my baby and i got to meet his fiance (now wife-- they were getting married the next day!). its really odd, isnt it, that we saw eachother. what are the chances!!

but, there are so many others that i wish i knew about. not necessarily to become best friends again... thats not realistic. but just to know what they're doing w/ their lives. really, its making me a bit melancholy.

how do you go about finding these people?


Beth Danae said...

how big was the spider? Ug, I hate spiders.

Abigail S. said...

I know how you feel, Beck.
Just a few months ago I got back in touch with my college roommate from freshman/sophmore years. We email and talk on the phone every so often now. It's wonderful to have back that relationship!

Clairissa said...

No idea how to get a hold of them, but I wonder about the "people of yesteryear" as well. I just scour the "Birth" and "Engagment/Wedding" sections of all the newspapers (another of my hobbies - ha ha) and hope to find out info on them. Also, whenever I talk to one of my friends I ask if they've heard anything or talked with anyone that we know mutually to find out the dirt on these people.

Also, I've heard of people signing up for Maybe you could give that a whirl... if you do, let me know how it goes. I've always wondered about that site!