Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i want to work!

growing up, all i wanted to do was be a mommy. now that i am one, what i want to do is get a job.

i'm very much a people-person. i love it. i worked retail during 2 Christmas seasons and loved it; it was fun meeting people and being able to help them... Of course, if i get a job in the future, it wont be retail. i would want a job that uses my college degree.

i majored in Education. I miss teaching. SO MUCH! it DEFINITELY uses my people-person skills. but i have no oportunities now to do so. when Erica gets older, it will be nice to teach her fun things: colors, numbers, letters, etc. But theres NO WAY i'm gonna homeschool. thats out of the question. i couldnt do it. no way.

its funny. my one sister in law had a baby boy 2 days after Erica. She has to work, but probably wishes she could stay home like i do. and here's me, wishing i could work like she does. though, not as many hours.

i dont know what i want!!!

what i need is a hobby. I DONT HAVE ANY! actually, i like writing. henceforth, i started blogging. at least it enables me to use my creativity (though definitely NOT my grammar skills -- obviously!). but really, its a bit lame, isnt it, that my only hobby is blogging?

maybe i'll take up pottery again. its expensive though. I like shopping-- but thats way expensive too! (cuz i tend to have no restraint when at the mall.)

i want to write a book. i think it would be awesome to write the allusive 'great american novel.' i have an idea (i wont share, cuz nobody's gonna steal my idea), its just finding the time. see, blogging is totally different. its random, different ideas just thrown out there. whereas, writing a novel takes a consistent train of thought; its definitely not random. and it seems that as soon as i really get going, Erica wakes up and i have to get her. i cant get anywhere with writing if i'm constantly starting/stopping.

And guess what? Erica just woke up. Ah, the joys of motherhood!


Clairissa said...

When was pottery your hobby?

I've been collecting pottery, going to shows, etc. for the last several months. Looking into getting a wheel and making my own. Been awhile since I worked with clay, but the last time I did, I was good at it.

My problem is I have TOO MANY hobbies (is there such a thing?)... :)

Michaela said...

Well with a Background in Education you might look into teaching Preshool.. a lot of times they let you work part time and when Erica is in School you could do that. another Hobby you might look into would be Scrapbooking.. i myself am not Creative.. but some people can do WONDERS with Pictures :P

Becky L said...

good idea.
I have a friend who is a Creative Momments consultant.
Maybe i'll ask her for some help getting started.
My sister and I had made a scrapbook for my brother when he got married... it was so much fun. i've wanted to do more, but never had the time
HA-- now i have TONS of time

Clairissa said...

My sister works for "Stampin' In." It's not really up my alley, but I think you'd be really good at it, Becky! Good suggestion, Michaela!