Friday, September 09, 2005

An Adverse Reaction

This picture has NOTHING to do with what I'm going to write. I just think its cute cuz she looks mischevious.

So, Erica's been eating solids for awhile. She started with cereal. [True confession: I had NO idea what baby cereal was. when people told me to put a bit of cereal in her formula to help her sleep thru the night, i thought: putting cherrios in there wont help, will it? they cant fit thru! i had to ask my sister (who has no kids-- but lived w/ our cousin and her kids) and she explained that its actually ground up little flakes.] So, Erica tried rice cereal first. she liked it and took to it rather well. Then she tried squash. it was yummy, actually. then green beans. ok-- not AS good, but they're not too bad either. they taste like canned green beans, which i dont like-- i prefer my green beans fresh. but she didnt mind. so then, wednesday she had oat cereal for the first time. she kinda liked it.

that night, she SCREAMED and SCREAMED. i figured it was her tummy, cuz it was making sounds. She eventually quieted down and went to bed.

the next morning when she woke up, i gave her a bottle. as usual. as she was eating, i looked down at her and noticed some red spots on her chin. hmmm. i pulled down her shirt... OH MY! her whole chest was covered with a red rash!! there was even some on her arms and ears.

i kinda freaked out. i called my mom-- she wasnt home. my dad said to get it checked out. well, i put her down for her nap (she was extremely tired-- even though she slept through the night [yeah!]), thinking that maybe it would go away.

it didnt. so i called my sister in law (rachel) to see if Nathaniel ever had a reaction. she said no. so i didnt get much help there. but we had a wonderful conversation.

then i called my hubby at work-- what should i do? should i call her pediatrician? see, she had a "well visit" the next day (today), and i didnt want to have to go 2 days in a row and pay twice the dr fee.

andrew told me to call anyway. so i did. they said it could wait till tomorrow. but in the mean time, i should give her some benadryl. i made sure to buy it in Bubblegum flavor--- a bit more tasty than cherry. she HATES her cherry tylenol.

well, this morning its almost gone. so, no more oatmeal for now. she'll just have to stick to rice.

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Clairissa said...

Wow, so she might have an allergy to oatmeal, huh? Let us know how it goes at the doctor!

I know rashes can be scary. I was a bit nervous when Reagan had roseola (before I knew what it was and why he had tiny red polka dots all over him). But fortunately I don't think they are usually life threatening.

Well, Reagan is napping and I must go watch Matlock - ha ha! See you Monday for Little Steps, Becky. :)