Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Well, that can't be good"

Here are some of my recent Facebook status messages. I'll insert additional info as needed...

(Saturday night:)
I DON'T UNDERSTAND! We've had the central air on all day set to 70 degrees. But its 77!!! And thats just the first floor. Upstairs is always hotter by 3-5 degrees. I know it could be worse and that maybe I'm spoiled. But I hate sweating when I sleep. AND, if we're paying $ for the electricity to run it, it should work right. Otherwise its like we're wasting $

That night I'd had a miserable time falling asleep. I started in my room, went to Erica's room, went to the living room, eventually fell asleep. Then when I half-woke up, I went up to my room. Then back to Erica's room, and finally to the living room again.

It was horrible. It was in the 80's inside. It got hotter as the night went on. I thought at night it was supposed to get cooler?

Anyway, It wasnt working the next day (today), so I turned it off and opened windows. Finally at 9:00ish at night, Andrew and I went to the basement where the inside part of the unit is, and we checked to see if the filter was too dirty/dusty/whatever. Just as Andrew pulled out the filter, he said "Well, that can't be good..."

(Today/ Sunday night)
So I just figured out why the central air wasnt working. Andrew took out the filter to see if it was dusty/dirty/whatever. And water POURED out! Just 2 months ago, we had people come to service it/ make sure it was ready for use. The guy even put new parts in so we'd have no problem. Now, if it breaks the first time we turn it on, shouldnt they come out free of charge to fix it? I'm gonna call and DEMAND it. Its their fault! Either the guy messed up royally, or he didnt see where there was a problem starting. Right?

Andrew doesnt think that they'll come out free of charge to recheck it. But they should. I mean, REALLY! We pay them every year to come service it, to make sure it'll be ready for the summer. Why do we pay all that money if they're work doesn't work?!?!?!

We don't have the money to get it fixed. We really don't. No amount of scrounging our bank accounts will add up to enough money to get this whole thing fixed and set right.

I think I'm gonna scream. Or puke. Or run away crying.

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It's been a while since I've swung by and my how the baby has grown into a little lady. Lovely!