Thursday, May 20, 2010


I've recently discovered Meez. Its kinda fun, I'm starting to like it alot.

I've used Zwinky since its creation in 2006. And I'm a die-hard fan. I love it SO MUCH, and Erica and I would play together. We'd sit at different computers, make our outfits, then chase eachother around Zwinktopia.

But then a few months ago I started getting Trojans on both computers from using Zwinky.


So we need to stop using Zwinky. I'm so tempted to go back to it, but its not good for my computer's health.

So I'm trying to find something new. Its not easy, b/c nothing is as great as Zwinky.

I do NOT like WeeWorld. The clothing is ok, and its fun to travel around the different worlds. But the rooms stink, and its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get points. Very very difficult. PLUS, to really advance in the game you need to make "friends" with tons of people. Sorry, but no. When I'm playing something w/ my daughter, I don't make friends w/ strangers. Its just her and me. That's it.

I've tried other things. A lot of them you need to pay real money in order to really play the game. No thank you!

So I finally stumbled upon Meez. Ok, so the rooms there stink too. And its kinda slow getting the images to load. BUT... the outfits are super cool, and the animations are too. And what I love best is... Its easy to earn money/points!

My current Meez was created with Erica. She's supposed to be Tinker Bell. There are other fairy outfits too, but I need to play some games to get points before I can buy them.

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