Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Star Table

Its almost October. Only a few hours away. So I'm changing my blog template to the halloween theme. Yeah for template designs!!!

Next, I have apologies to make. Wow, I haven't been blogging! Its terrible. I really need to catch up. Awhile ago, I did "Make-Up Mondays," where I would catch up what happened over the weekend. Maybe I should start doing that again, but making up for a whole week!

Now to the title of this post...

Erica LOVES preschool!!! I'm so happy for her. And I'm proud of her too. I was really worried that she'd be a trouble maker in school. Not that she's a bad kid; she's just REALLY active and likes to talk alot.

But on the fifth day of school, she came home with great news: She had gotten to sit at the star table! What is the star table, you may wonder. Every day, the teacher picks a student who has been doing a good job. And that student gets to sit at a special table and also gets a special stuffed animal for the day and night. My little Erica got this on just the fifth day of school!!! I was so proud!

Yesterday again she was at the star table. Each time, the teacher wrote a special note for her too. This one said: "Dear Erica, You are doing such nice work. I am proud of you."

And Erica tells me that she's never had to sit at the time out chair.

PLUS, she came home with a special prize. From what I can understand, they each have a calendar at school. And each morning they are supposed to update it by crossing out the previous day. That way they know what that day's date is. And Erica did her's all the right way and got a prize for it. [I'm not really sure how any kid could mess it up. So I'm wondering if its for attendance instead. But I'm not sure.]

I am really looking forward to parent/teacher conferences. Its not for a little while though. But I'm excited to hear more from the teacher's point of view.

Well, that's it for now. Gotta go!

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