Tuesday, July 07, 2009


1. I am so tired of hearing about Michael Jackson. Can something else be on the news. PLEASE! Yeah, it was a shock that he died. Yeah, he had a big music career. But is everyone forgeting all the crap he was involved with? And regardless, this news coverage has lasted long enough.

2. Erica's been sooo grouchy lately! Perhaps because of the full moon? Or...

3. Both Erica and I have colds. Ugh. We keep coughing. Not fun.

4. We had a good time at 4th of July picnic. Erica got two baby toads and brought them home. The problem is that the toads arent eating. At least, not that I'm seeing. I gave them dried frog food; they didnt eat it. I gave them mini crickets; they were afraid of the cickets and kept hopping away. I fed them ants; they were afraid of the ants too! I gave them little worms, lightning bugs, dead flies, even blueberries and bananas. Nothing!

5. I'm having trouble with my knees again. Its terrible, getting closer to what it was when I was in college: it had been so bad that I could hardly walk. And then I totally freaked out when my jaw started locking again. I had serious trouble with TMJ in high school, and went thru therapy and surgeries for it. Well, it got better, but never perfect. It stopped locking, but since then I've always had pain and my jaw still always clicked everytime I'd open and close my mouth. STUPID JOINTS! All of my joints are too loose, and that ultimately is whats causing the trouble.

Well, enough ughs for now.

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Anonymous said...

I've found that a lot of times, wild animals don't eat well when they aren't in their natural habitats. Maybe that's the biggest issue with the toads not eating.