Monday, May 25, 2009


Oh, horrors of horrors!!!

I went to load pictures onto my comp, only to find that ALL of my pictures mysteriously disappeared from my camera!!!

How will I survive? Oh the travesty!

On another note, our Memorial Day was good. First to my family, for my neice's 1st birthday party. My rents had a kid pool and slip&slide for the kids They were so cute to watch. Then off to Andrew's family. LOTS of kids to play. Anyway... I had a great day. It was oddly relaxing for such a busy day.

My child wont sleep though. She had a short nap coming home, and that was enough to revitalize her.

Ah, well.

1 comment:

abby, your sis said...

Indeed that's a travesty!
Maybe dad and Tim got pics you can 'steal'???