Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm so excited! Erica's dance recital is coming up soon!!!

I know that I shouldnt get my hopes up... She may get scared and not even go on stage. But I'm doubting that'll happen. She's been on stage at Church many times and has loved it.

Tonight at class, the teacher sat them down to talk about it. She asked if any of them were scared. A few said yes, most said no. Then my silly child said: "I'm afraid of storms!" Then all the others chirped in about what does and doesn't scare them. Jeepers. (Actually, it was cute and funny.)

Now I'm thinking of next year. We got info about their options. She can continue with the general 'creative mvt' class. OR choose from tap, broadway (which includes singing and acting), or jazzy hip-hop. She loves pretending to tap at home... So I'm considering that. I just worry it might be too much for her.

Any thoughts?

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silverneurotic said...

When I was 6 and 7 I took a combination of ballet and tap. I really didn't enjoy the ballet portion at all (but I had to take it because of the way the classes were set up) but I LOVED tap. I really wish I had kept up with it even after I totally lost interest in ballet. I think Erika would love tap dancing so give it a try...and if it doesn't work out perhaps she'll be allowed to switch back to the type of class she's in now.