Thursday, April 02, 2009


I can't believe its been so long since I've last written. Wow. There've been so many times when I thought "I need to blog about this!" but then didn't get around to it. So as I'm sitting here now, I honestly can't think of any of those things. Urgh. Well, I'll try...

*Erica's doing an AWESOME job at dance class. A huge improvement from the drama before. The week after the big blow up, I sat out of the class to see if she'd behave better w/o me. Not the case. So then I had lots of thinking to do. I felt bad, b/c I was starting to make this not-fun for Erica. So I just changed my mind about it all, figured that having fun is the most important part. Each week now, as we're driving to class I ask her lots of questions: What's your favorite part of dance class; which is your favorite song; are you excited to see your friends? And I tell her over and over again that she's a great dancer and she can learn to be a great listener too. Its been working wonders. In between dances, all the girls run to their parents. I make sure to give a positive, then a 'work on this' followed by another positive.

*I have my CPAP now. What's that? Its a Consistant Positive Airway Pressure machine. It's what I use for my sleep problems. Yes, my tests are finally all finished and done with. The results? My constant fatigue is from sleep apnea and hypopnea. Most people know what sleep apnea is... a person stops breathing in their sleep. In most cases, its not really dangerous. Your brain just momentarily wakes up your body to start breathing again. You don't actually remember waking up though; its not a total awake stage, but enough to pull you out of deep sleep. I have some of those issues. My major thing is the hypopnea. A person doesn't stop breathing with this one, but the throat closes so much that not enough oxygen gets through. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it: This disruptive pattern of breathing generates disruptive sleep patterns, the consequences of which being that those individuals may exhibit increased fatiguability, lethargy, decreased ability to concentrate, increased irritability, and morning headaches. Basically, those individuals are extremely tired due to their inability to get a good night’s sleep. Wow, that's totally me!

*Erica and I have been playing games non-stop. Well, thats not completely true. But still, we love playing games. That's one of the things I love about her growing up. Infant/toddler is nice, but preschool age is awesome. Sure, she's a drama queen but oh well. Anyway, I was talking about games. Our favorite game is Yahtzee Jr. I personally LOVE Yahtzee. Andrew will never play with me b/c I always win... his excuse is that its a game that is pure luck and no skill. That's not completely true, but he won't concede. So for Erica's BDay, her grandparents got her lots of games. A Colorforms weather game, 'Princess Charming', 'Monopoly Town', and 'Yahtzee Jr.' They're all fun. But like I said, I'm a Yahtzee lover. Its not nearly as complex as the regular thing, but its still fun. I just love rolling dice. Its so much stinkin' fun!!!! Anyone agree with me on that? Gotta love rolling dice. Erica's so cute: When she rolls, she shouts: "Gimme a yahtzee!"

I know there's much more to be said... but I just can't think of it!!! I'll try to post again soon.

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