Sunday, January 04, 2009

A sickly Christmas

Ugh, you wouldn't believe my Christmas.

I got sick. Some sort of stomach virus thing. Luckily, it wasn't until the day after Christmas.

Christmas morning was great fun. Erica had left out cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. She was so excited to see in the morning that they were gone... and Santa left a thank you note for her. "Erica, Thank you for the cookies and carrots. Have a wonderful Christmas. Ho-Ho-Ho. Love Santa."

We opened our family presents then. It was a nice time.

Then headed out to Andrew's grandparents' house. His whole family was gathered. We had a great time there too. We played lots of games, which I enjoyed. Much better than sitting and watching football or something. We discovered that Andrew is King of Connect Four.

That night, we headed to my parents' house and spent the night over. My sister was sick w/ a stomach thing. So she was quarentined to her room. [But she did come out the next day.] Also there were my brother, SIL, 1 nephew and 2 nieces.

So in the morning, the kids woke up to find presents under the tree. Kids are so cute! I love it. We had fun watching the kids play, and playing games of our own as adults. The day was great... Until bedtime.

I got sick. EEK! It was awful. Some sort of stomach thing. I was so upset, b/c we were staying over at my parents' again, supposed to have another family gettogether the next day w/ extended family. But, in the morning we had to pack up and go home. I was really dissappointed, though in a way glad to get home and sleep away the sickness.
I also missed out on other stuff. Sunday morning our choir performed and I missed it. There went months of practice to waste. And worse, I missed out on seeing Erica and her friends singing. Then Andrew took Erica to another gettogether w/ some of his family. There, he found out that some of his family was sick too... so I probably got it from them, NOT from Abby.
Anyway... I have a picture at the top of this post. Its Erica in her bed with her NEW bedsheets from Christmas. Aren't the cute? We love Strawberry Shortcake.
I'll add more pictures later, probably at my other site. I'll leave a link when it gets done.


Anonymous said...

Man, those kinda Christmases stink! Couldn't you and your peeps pick a different time to be sick? Just kidding!

Hey approve my friend request for Facebook already why dontcha!?

Miss you... let's get together soon for some sort of craft since we missed our Christmas thing due to -what else- sickness. (It was my fault that time! :)

Debbie said...

We should have some coffee and compare Christmases! I am so glad it's January (will be even happier when it's next week).

Anonymous said...

Hey, wish you a very Happy New Year! :)

Corinne said...

Happy New Year. That stinks getting sick over the holiday. Those sheets and Erica look very, very cute!