Friday, January 09, 2009

Oh, the things they say

On Wednesday morning, Erica turned to me and gave a big sigh, then said: "It's so hard being a grown up."

Oh, if only she knew!

So, its around 12:30 AM. I'm wide awake. I had been asleep, but Andrew dearest decided to come up to bed 2 hours after I had... and then woke me up!!! Ugh. In his defense, I had been snoring loudly [or so he says].

I have a doctor appointment set for Monday. For so long, I've been having trouble with extreme fatigue. Its only getting worse and worse. And since Andrew is sick of my snoring and thinks the two may be connected, I'm going to the Doctor to demand answers.

To make matters worse, I'm having trouble breathing. Its so weird, and just started this week. I have trouble breathing deeply. I'll take a deep breath but it won't make it down to my lungs. So I'm short on oxygen, making me yawn all the time, making me even more tired all the time.

Well, I'm gonna try to sleep again...


Anonymous said...

It's possible that you have sleep apnea (which a classic symptom is snoring and extreme tiredness). My mother has it, she had it for years before being diagnosed (by a sleep study)'s definitely not a good thing to have as you actually stop breathing for a few seconds when your sleeping...but if that's what you have it's easily treatable.

Lindsay said...

Hope the doctors are able to figure out what's wrong. I know what it's like to be sleep deprived, thanks to the fibro. Miss you girl!!!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I was going to say the same thing silverneurotic said. Hubby went to the doc with the same symptoms. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a CPAP (breathing machine) to sleep with at night. We both sleep better now. :) I hope that you get some answers no matter what they are and sleep comes soon enough for you, my dear!