Saturday, October 11, 2008


Before I get to my Psycho conversation, I guess I should talk about the important stuff first.

At 10 this morning there was a knock at the door. My, am I glad that we were up and dressed already! [Saturdays should be lazy days, right?] Anyway, I look out the window and see a police man. I was immediately a bit apprehensive. Not scared in a "did I do anything wrong?" B/C I know we didn't do anything illegal.

Apparently someone [most likely drunk] crashed their car into 4 or 5 other cars in the neighborhood last night, ours included. HOW DID THAT NOT WAKE US UP? Not sure. Anyway, it was our old junky purple car; not nearly as the new green one would have been.

They hit our car with so much force that it pushed the car back several feet; their "mazda" metal sign/sticker thingy fell off, so that helps the police a bit I guess.

Two things "funny" about it. First of all, not even 5 minutes before the cop knocked, Erica asked "Where's the purple car?" I didnt really look outside but just dismissively said, "Maybe Daddy parked it somewhere different." Other thing. There was a note from a neighbor on our windsheild, who was quite mad at us. He wrote something like "Please DONT park your car in front of my driveway. It makes it hard to get out when I need to leave for work at 3 AM." Andrew wrote a note back to them explaining that our car was hit and pushed back that far; he didn't want the neighbor people to hold a grudge against us for no reason.

OKAY, now to the Psycho stuff...

I love my library and being able to get movies for free. I'm able to watch movies that I normally wouldn't b/c of the renting price.

So, when I saw Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" I decided to check it out. I got it home and looked on the back to read what it was about [of course everyone knows about "the shower scene," but besides that I had no clue] and saw that it was rated R. I've never seen a Hitchcock film so I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but figured it couldn't be that "bad" since it was made in 1960.

Oh. My. Word.

I had the thing figured out as soon as she got to the hotel. I think we're so used to "psychological" stuff today that the outcome came as no shock. In fact, I almost had to laugh at the end when a doctor spent 2 - 3 minutes explaining what/why it happened.

I'm being vague, b/c I don't want to give anything away. Though I'm guessing if you haven't seen it yet, you probably won't ever. Okay, so the guy running the hotel has duel personalities, the other of his mother whom he killed several years previously. So its his mother personality that kills the gal in the hotel.

And Oh. My. Word. The shower scene was laughable. Completely different from movies today. We're so used to blood and guts, and so it was funny to me watching special features and having them explain that the movie was done in black and white b/c it would be too horrific for the audience to see it in color. THE WOMAN DOESNT EVEN GET CUT! Of course, they try giving that impression. But you never even see a mark on her body. The only blood is whats mixed in with the water going down the drain.

Another interesting tidbit I picked up from special features... Psycho was the first movie to show a toilet. In fact, they were worried going before the ratings committee that it would be a problem. "Oh no, not a potty!"

So this leads me to wonder, what other scary movies from the past are really not that scary?


silverneurotic said...

Hm, actually I'd think the guy hitting the cars would be Psycho enough...

Corinne said...

That is so crazy about your car. Why would your neighbor even think you parked that way?!!!! People are weird. I have never seen Psycho...thanks for the review!! LOL

Kristi said...

I love your new look. I need to go private for awhile so I hope you email me so I can add you to my readers.

crazy working mom said...

I don't really think that the Friday the 13th movies were all that scary. They were so predictable.

But, I will tell you what is...FREDDY KRUGAR in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Geeez, that guy creeped me out when I was younger (and still does).

Oh, and sorry to hear about your car. Did they find the person?

ria said...

I agree, I saw that years ago and it was even laughable then, as a CHILD. :)

To answer the question, Mars Attacks! Don't waste your time on that one. Worst movie ever in a theater hands down. I wanted a refund (fortunately I think my parents paid LOL).