Friday, October 03, 2008

"I couldn't have dreamt this up, so it must be real"

I was watching one of Erica's movies with her-- Hello Kitty. Its actually the Hello Kitty characters doing famous stories, and one was Gulliver's Travels. When Gulliver is tied down to the ground by the midget people, he says "I couldn't have dreamt this up, so it must be real." That cracks me up. You'd think it would be the oposite: This can't be real so I must be dreaming.

Another "movie" story to share. Well, not really story. Anyway... Erica is still taking her dance classes. Two classes ago, she was so wild and didn't pay attention. She wouldn't do what the teacher told them to do. It was frustrating for me to watch. [Though Erica really is picking up on this stuff. I've found her trying to teach the different moves to her stuffed animals.] Well, this week I didn't want that to happen. So I told her that if she was really great and listened to her teacher, we'd go to the library afterwards and she could pick out a movie. If she didn't behave, she wouldnt be able to watch a movie that night. WOW, that really worked. She did a fantastic job. In fact, at one point the teacher had them all try to do their dance w/o her help, and Erica was able to do a lot of it by herself. Great job!


I did it again. Yup, I went an extremely long time w/o blogging. Ridiculous.
But on the plus side, I've gotten a lot of writing done. I really needed to focus on my book. Its nice to get lots done. I'm actually getting somewhere, you know? Still TONS left to do, but I'm really in the writing mood.


I've been doing preschooling with Erica. I am continually amazed at how much fun she's having with it. I'd been making my own worksheets, and having one for each day. But she has so much fun that she wants to do all the other worksheets for the week on Monday already!
September's focus was primarily on numbers 0-5 and shapes. You can see an example worksheet over to the right. I tried to have my worksheets combine both things. So here, she had to color in the correct number of shapes. [She hadn't gotten to color 3 yet.]
Well, gotta go. I'm leaving tonight to go see my sister and mom. We're having a girls day out tomorrow. Yeah!


'liya said...

I used to love Hello Kitty when I was younger and I never realized how popular she still was until we went to France in the summer and saw so many Hello Kitty things for young kids. I knew she was well known in N. America and Japan but didn't know the whole world (well Europe) liked her.

ria said...

I always thought it would be fun to name our next cat "Hello." Hubbin thinks it's dumb, but I thought it would be really cute.

Gotta love Hello Kitty! :D

'liya said...

@Ria, that IS really cute! :D

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'm glad to hear that Erika is enjoying her dance classes-and that she's learning to pay attention during them.

Are you planning on continuing with the home schooling, or will Erika attend regular school once she's old enough?