Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swiper, No Swiping!

My daughter is a swiper.

A week or so ago, I went out with Andrew's family. Erica and I were then looking in a store at different games. I let her pick two out: Dominos and Bingo. Anyway...

I get home, AND FIND that she had put another game in my purse while I wasn't watching. She kept begging to play it, and I kept saying over and over "It's not ours-- we didn't pay for it!"

So we went back. I could have just secretly put it back on the shelf. But that would have taught her nothing, or worse would have taught her that she can get away with stuff w/o any repercussions. I had her stand in the customer service line and then hand the game back and say "Sorry." The lady working was actually a bit shocked that we were honest enough people to return a $6 game. She thanked Erica for bringing it back.

---In Other News---

I've been gone for awhile. Ha, no kidding! When I said I was gonna cut back on blogging, I didn't mean this much! Ouch. And the only reason I'm online now is b/c Erica has a program at the library right now.

Summers are busy times. There are so many more activities to do! The weather makes it nice to go to the park. The pool is open. The library has tons of programs; at least 3 a week. And I've started with a Mommy's Group.

When do I have time for anything else?!?!

I've been trying to focus on my book... which was my reason for cutting back on Blogger. I'll admit, I haven't gotten as much done as I should. Like I said, there are SO MANY activities!

I promised Erica that I would take her to the pool if she behaved well during Library Time. She's doing swell. We have our lunches packed and we'll be going there then. Actually it doesn't open until noon, and her thing here is almost done [10:30]. The pool is actually at the park, though, so she can do slides and swings first.

Again, SO SORRY that I've been gone so long. Its so awful, I know I know!


Corinne said...

Oh, I remember those days. I always went back (for a pack of gum) and had my son return it. Never did that again!! Have a great summer. I know just how fun and busy it can be and good luck with your book.

ria said...

I think every kid does that. So far I've always caught it, so we never had to return. But kudos to you for making Erica apologize.

Don't worry about being "away." I think everyone is more busy this time of year and reads less too. :)

Little Boy Blue just asked me about having Erica over again. So, we'll have to schedule you guys for a visit. Email and let me know what your availability is. ;)