Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Feeling Awesome

I'm at the library right now; Erica has a 'class.' I decided to check my library account just to see if anything else is due soon... AND TO MY SHOCK, I found that something was still checked out to me that I had returned a week ago! And it was overdue! Holy Cow! So I checked the shelves and sure enough it was there!!! They had shelved it w/o scanning it first. I took it up, explained, and they took care of it for me. Good thing.

So, I'm feeling awesome. After months and months of feeling tired all the time, I finally have energy. WooHoo! I had gotten that B12 shot. Plus, I started taking a new vitamin supplement. Its One-a-Day: Active. There are special things added to it to help give you more energy. Fantastic! Between the two, I'm feeling so much better. One thing I found out quickly was that you REALLY REALLY need to take it with food. Ick, I didn't do that one day and about an hour later thought I was gonna puke.

Anyway. Lots and lots to say. My brother and his wife just had a new baby girl. This is child #3 for them. Erica and I went down Friday to visit, and I was glad to be a help to them. I'd only had three hours of sleep the night before [eek!] but was determined not to be a lump on the couch. So I did all their dishes and made lunch and dinner. But we did have a bit over an hour to just sit and chat while Caroline slept and the others played.

The drive home was AWFUL!!! Before we even got onto the highway, Erica was asleep. I was so glad. But she woke up 45 minutes later screaming. She was in hysterics. She never told me exactly what was wrong, but I think she'd had a bad dream. Anyway, I got off the highway and found a parking lot to stop at. We sat in the grass while I tried to calm her. UNFORTUNATELY, she saw a McDonalds w/ a playground. She started pointing and crying to go there. I decided okay, b/c I was willing to do anything to calm her down. I let her play for about 10 minutes then said we were gonna leave. She started crying for a hamburger. We'd had a decent dinner at my brother's house, but since happy meals were on sale for #1.99 I said okay. We had to wait in line, and then she ate and played more.

Finally left, but 20 minutes later she screamed: I HAFTA PEE! I HAFTA POO! I was a bit ticked that she didn't think of this at McDonalds. It took me awhile to find somewhere to pull over, but we finally did. She peed but didn't poop. I asked and asked if she needed to but she said no. Back in the car; 20 minutes later she starts screaming again to use the potty. I was ticked. Found somewhere to pull over, and she went into the potty but didn't do anything. She started laughing and it made me so mad! I felt a nice bit of revenge when the automatic flusher flushed on her and got her all wet. [I know, not sanitary.] I told her she wasnt allowed to talk the rest of the way home. We should have been home at 8:30... we didn't get back until almost 10. Ugh.

It was frustrating while it was happening, but now I can laugh at it.

Erica is done now. So I can't stay much longer. I'll try to visit other blogs later today while she naps.


rubyslippers said...

Hmm she's not too spoiled! ;) My little Tin Man "tries" the same thing (saying he has to use the potty just for attention) so I make him look me in the eyes and I tell him that if I put him on the potty and he does NOT go, then he gets a spanking and then I say. "Now, let me ask you again, do you need to go potty?" The answer is usually no. I don't put up with that, my time is too valuable. ha ha ha

P.S. We've "missed" you in Bloggerland lately!

your sis abby said...

It's the iron in the vitamin that's upsetting your stomache... Count your blessings. I actually DID puke from one of those vitamins. I was in my room, and luckily I had an empty shoebox near me...

Debbie said...

I finally had to start having the girls get into trouble when they wanted to potty "just for fun" when we were out running errands. If they really have to go, I'll take them, but if they get put on the potty and don't, they get in trouble. Only a couple of times of getting in trouble did the trick! Of course, I take them before we leave and if we are out all morning, I'll make sure we schedule a potty break in there somewhere!

Glad to hear you're feeling better! One trick I learned with my prenatal vitamin is to take it at supper instead of breakfast - I don't know why, but it doesn't upset me stomach nearly as much.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

haha I laugh at your "revenge"...only because I would've done the same thing. Lately I've had potty problems too, except Connor is one who when he starts playing doesn't want to potty he just wants to play so he'll potty in his pants, and I'll just leave him wet.

Glad you are feeling better and nice to see you around.