Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

So, Erica had a Birthday party for her little friends on Friday. And of course, all 4 of them were boys. We don't have ANY girls around that are her age!!! But she doesn't seem to mind. I have a video clip of them singing "happy birthday to you"... but you'll only count 3 friends; Clairissa had to leave early with Reagan.

I mentioned that I was gona do a Candyland theme. How so, you may wonder? Well, first of all, I was able to buy plates, napkins, cups, banners that have tootsie rolls all over them. The design must have been discontinued, b/c they were all on sale for 25 or 30 cents!!! Her cake was especially decorated to look like the game. I used Starbursts as the path. And there were gingerbread men from the game on the cake. And lollipop forest.

We played a game "pin the gumdrop on the gingerbread man." I drew a huge gingerbread boy and then cut out circles that the kids had to try to put on it while blindfolded. Our lunch was grilled turkey sandwhiches, cut out like gingerbread men.

Last of all, I put together activity booklets for them, using pictures of the game's characters. We played Bingo. And there was a blank gingerbread man and they got to glue little foam shapes on to decorate him. And then there were just other pictures and things to color. King Kandy had four different birthday cakes, and they had to pick the one with three candles. And Princess Lolli had several different kinds of candies, and you had to pick out all the lollipops.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Birthdays? All that effort may seem extreme, but it was worth it!

I started to lose my voice Friday; all that talking to the kids, giving them instructions and stuff. The job was completed Saturday when we had my family over to celebrate Erica's birthday.

My SIL and her 2 kids came early, around 3. [My bro couldn't make it.] We used that time before dinner to play the same games from Friday. Actually, Andrew helped lead them in the games while I worked on making dinner. Home-made pizzas. I've finally found the perfect pizza dough recipe, and it was under my nose the whole time in my Betty Crocker cookbook! Anyway... I made one white veggie pizza, one ham, one pepperoni, and one plain cheese. It was all ready then by the time my parents got here at 5. [Abby showed up later, around 6:30.]

After dinner, we had cake. It was an ice cream cake I bought, b/c I didn't want to bake another cake. I'd already made the one for Friday and also cupcakes for Sunday. But it was good; everyone loves a good ice cream cake.

Then she opened presents. Thanks everyone for the gifts! Andrew and I gave her our present then too, even though her birthday wasn't until the next day. We got her Princess dress up clothes. And she loves them!


1) Candyland cake. Erica is wearing a 'candy' decorated shirt. 2) The gingerbread man game. 3) Erica's cousins: Evelyn and Nathaniel. In the kids' goody bags they each got play doh. 4) Prince Nathaniel and Princess Erica riding in a royal carriage... or a tricycle. 5) Andrew, me, the birthday princess


Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

sounds like a fun party. I'm sorry you lost your voice though

Don Mills Diva said...

Those pictures are so cute - happy birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Erica!

Becky L said...

becky, mom- I noticed that you left your comment right before I added pictures! Hope you get to see them

don mills diva- She LOVES taking pictures.

Silverneurotic- Yup, it was happy :-)

Anonymous said...

So sorry we had to leave early. It was one of "those" days... the type of days you will learn more and more about as Erica gets more settled into age 3. Eeeekkk!! :(

Lady Cohen said...

Happy Birthday to you, Erica!!!