Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture People Disaster

[I NEED YOUR HELP! Help me pick out which picture of Erica to use for our Christmas cards. I have the options posted on my adjacent blogsite.]

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What a near-disaster! My advice to those out there getting holiday pictures taken: beware your photographer!

Here's the story--

I took Erica down to Delaware to visit my brother, his wife, and their two kids. We were going to go to Picture People to have the kids' pictures taken. I've been to several different picture people stores before and have always had a great experience. There's always been good pictures to choose from.

Well, I was singing the praises of Picture People to my bro and SIL... and when we showed up, our photographer was AWFUL! I don't know what her problem was, but she did a horrid job. She just sat there the whole time, not doing anything to get them to smile or laugh. And I could tell that she was getting madder and madder by them with each passing minute.

The kids just wouldn't take a good picture. They kept moving around, talking too much, goofing off. And I was so appalled. I mean, Erica loves getting her picture taken. She's always done a great job before!

I ended up being the one to try all types of tricks to get them to behave and smile. I gave them stickers to put in their hands to "play peek-a-boo." [That way, their hands would be together, not all over the place.] I got the duster thing to tickle them before the picture was shot. But still, nothing worked out well.

We decided to take a lunch break and come back afterwards. We hoped and hoped to have a different photographer. Thankfully, we did. It went SO WELL! It was fantastic! The guy was so funny, did anything to get them to smile and engage in the pictures.

Thankfully, we got some great shots to pick from.

[This picture was from the "bad photographer" set. But I must say, I do find it hilariously funny!]


Corinne said...

That is a really cute picture. I know what you mean about bad photographers's with kids. We just had our pictures taken and that was not easy. Our photographer was great, but she had to work REALLY hard. I was even starting to get irritated after an hour, but she just kept us happy the whole time. We got some great shots. Have a great day!

Your sister, too lazy to login said...

I love the one w/ the nativity on the other site.

Talk to you soon!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I've had the same sort of experience with Picture People. There was that one photographer that was a waste of space, but other than that, they've been great. A tad expensive, but great.

I vote for the first photo.


Latoya said...

They are all nice but I like the first one the best. That one is really sweet with the Nativity Scene in it.

Clairissa said...

That's weird because Picture People usually has such excellent photographers. That's disappointing to me! I hope you called Picture People and complained (as in, the toll free number... the HQ, if you will).

I agree with everyone else. The first picture with the nativity set. Reagan's got his out full force too. But I must say, I'm sick of hearing "Away in the Manger" already! How about you? :)

Becky L said...

corinne- Its nice when you get a good photographer. Glad yours was so persistant.

abby- you ARE lazy!

burgh baby's mom- I normally just go there with my free coupons. Every three months they mail out "free 8x10" coupon, and I'm all for it! I also have the membership for those times when there are two or more that turned out to be especially cute

latoya- thanks for stopping by! I remember you came over here a bit ago. I'll drop by your blog again

clairissa- the "boss" did find out. Actually, the guy who took our pictures the second time was the boss; so he also did get to see that it WASN'T our kids that were so awful. It only took a little bit of effort to get them smiling and cooperating.

Clairissa said...

Good! Cuz I'd hate for a bad photographer like her to defame the good name of Picture People. :)

We go to Picture People Tuesday morning for Reagan's Christmas picture in his cute "old man sweater" (a striped number with deer on it... you know what I mean? sweaters with the dear with antlers... it's a common pattern.. anyway...).