Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's 4 AM. Do you know where your children are?

Yes, I know exactly where she is.

[A few years back, there was a series of PSA's that stated the time, followed by "Do you know where your children are?"]

I'm at my parents' house as a precursor to the holiday. I'm staying Tuesday into Wednesday, then Andrew's coming over Wednesday night for my nephew's birthday celebration. We're staying the night and then Thursday going to his family's place for Thanksgiving meal.

So I decided tonight to try having Erica sleep in a bed, not the crib. Amazingly, she fell asleep with no problems. Didn't get out of bed at all. The problem arose [haha, pun intended] when I came into the room and she woke up and decided to join me in the other bed. Ugh!

Do you know how hard it is to sleep with a toddler next to you? First of all, she wanted to cuddle up next to me. So I was at the very edge of the bed, almost to the point of falling off. She was so close that I could hardly move, for fear that it would wake her up.

I somehow managed to get 3 hours of sleep. [Yes, I did not go to bed until midnight.] Around 3 she woke up and decided to be finicky. First she wanted her special pillow. Then she threw it on the floor and opted for Abby's pillow. Then she wanted her own pillow back. Then she wanted the blanket off, back on again. UGH! Neither of us could fall back asleep. Finally, I said "Do you want to sleep in the crib?" And she said yes.

She's asleep now. And I can't all asleep. At all. I've tried, but its not happening. I'm hoping that if I'm at the computer for a little while, it will wear me out. So, I'm going to be working on my sister's classroom blog, reworking the template.



Debbie said...

Looks like we are up at the same time - though I think I'm off to go do some laundry...

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Ugh, sleeping with a Toddler in your bed is a lot like sleeping in a car full of obnoxious clowns. Impossible.

I hope you managed to get back to sleep, even if only for a little bit.

Becky L said...

debbie- Ugh, I hate doing laundry

burgh baby's mom- I did get good sleep last night; considering I slept on a couch