Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick-OR-Treat fun!

[Pictures can be found here.]

Halloween was a success. Definitely! And I don’t just mean the accumulation of candy and other various foods. The success was in seeing my daughter have so much fun!

Well, the night actually started off with a disaster—being our lousy dinner. In the previous post [which I just wrote earlier today], I mentioned that I was going to make Penne Pasta w/ Pumpkin Sauce. It was awful. Horrid. I don’t suggest it.

But then we all got dressed up. Well, Erica and I did. Andrew doesn’t “do” Halloween, so he holed away in the basement all night, playing computer games. Which is fine; he deserves his night of fun too. Anyway, Erica dressed as a fairy princess [mentioned in the previous post as well]. I was kinda a queen or something. I had a black dress, my tiara, white gloves, and a robe [not very visible in the picture].

We headed out early, around 6:20. I didn’t want it to get too dark or cold; plus, I wanted to be back with plenty of time to hand out candy to other kids. [May I take a moment to say—I DON’T LIKE when teenagers go around trick-or-treating, without any costume or anything. I should work up the guts to just say “no” to them… but I feel like a scrooge doing that.]

Erica quickly learned that if the porch light was on, we could go knock. If it wasn’t on, we were to skip over the house. So she would run to the houses with lights on… “The lights on! They’re home!” Or even cuter… “They have no light. Maybe they sleeping.”

She remembered most times to say “Trick or Treat!” [Another pet peeve is that I don’t like it when kids come up and just take candy w/o saying anything.] And she also remembered to say “Thank you.” Oh, she was just so cute. She loved being dressed up. She told everyone that she was a fairy princess. Another cute thing: If there was a long line of kids at a house, she’d stand back on the steps and tell me “I will wait my turn.” And of course she says that while pointing to me. MY DAUGHTER IS SO CUTE! Have I ever mentioned the pointing thing? Whenever she wants to tell you something important, she’ll point at you while she’s saying it. She doesn’t want you to miss what she has to say. Normally its when she’s about to do something: “I be right back; I play play-doh; I get my cup…”

As I started to say, we went out early, though only half-way down the street and back. We sat on our steps for awhile, handing out candy. She loved holding the bowl up for the other kids. When there was a slow time w/ no one coming by, she’d stand out by the sidewalk and look up and down, saying “Maybe someone come soon.” And when they would start coming, she’d run back to me: “They coming! They coming!” After awhile, she decided that she wanted to go get more candy. So, we left and went down to the other end of the street. We called it a night after that, around 7:45.

All-in-all, a fantastic evening.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! I loved the picture. Last night I was thinking "I sure wish I had someone to dress up" during Trunk or Treat at church last night. . . Glad you had fun.

crazy working mom said...

You two look awesome. I'm glad you had a good time.

'liya said...


Becky L said...

lindsay- hi there. Thanks for stopping by. What's your blog addy? Can't get to it.

crazy working mom- yup, had a great time

'liya- awe, thanks

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm with you on the teenagers. If they want the candy, they should at least try to dress up as something other than "Teenager Wanting Candy."

Becky L said...

burgh baby's mom- I'm glad you've been visiting my blog several times now. I'd love to return the favor... but your blog site isnt listed under your profile.

Raj said...

Heh! I hate pumpkin so I kinda knew that pumpkin sauce would suck.

The pics are good. Looks like the two of you had fun :)

Becky L said...

raj- yeah, yeah. I was just holding out hope that the pumpkin pasta would turn out to be fantastic. Nope, not at all.