Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stupid Mommy

This happened last Tuesday. I can't believe I didn't share it sooner. Just had other stuff to write about, I guess...

I was making Erica clean up the house Tuesday afternoon before Andrew came home from work. She didn't want to help; she just wanted to play. I kept prodding her to clean, and she called me "Stupid Mommy."


First she lies to me. Now she's calling me names. What's next? I guess I had to have known that someday this would all come. No one's perfect. But I didn't think it would start at 2 & 1/2 !!!

So now, we've outlawed the word "stupid" at home. And I'm even more worried about what she might hear other places and on TV too. Its quite shocking what people are allowed to say on TV these days. And it just jumps out at you, with no warning.

Am I going to need to quit my favorite TV shows? I don't think that I could live without Heroes: it's my #1 obsession! It comes on at 9, and that's normally her bedtime... so it shouldn't be a problem.

Oh, how I love Heroes! Let me count the ways... Okay, I'm not really gonna count. But I do so love it. Last night's episode was truly amazing. The best episode this season. So much was happening!!!

My darling twin sister Abby loves the show too. She had to work last night, thus wasn't able to watch it. I can't wait till she sees it online so that we can talk all about it. [Normally, we watch it and call each other during the commercial breaks to talk about what just happened!]

Speaking of Abby--

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Well, one day late. Enjoy your 26th year.


Raj said...

Heh! Stupid Mommy. I'm sure you didn't find it funny but it kinda is :D

I like Heroes too. But the second season isn't being broadcast here yet. Sad!

And tell Abigail that I wished her Happy Birthday too! :)

'liya said...

Wait a min, if it's Abby's birthday, doesn't it mean it was your birthday too since you're twins?

Happy birthday both of you :D

Raj said...

Oh, yeah! I totally missed that. Now I feel stupid!

Happy Birthday to you too :D

Corinne said...

Happy Birthday, Becky! Hope you had a wonderful day!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Happy birthday! I'm sure that your little girl with quickly grow out of the "stupid" phase.

If you have a free moment, could you stop by my blog?

Becky L said...

raj- Could you watch Heroes online? They normally put each episode online, though I think only for the week after. My internet connection isn't good enough to watch it that way though.

'liya- Yeah, you caught on to that.

corinne- I did have a rather wonderful day

silverneurotic- okay, I'll come on by

Raj said...

No, NBC restricts video access to the US. But I can download videos using torrents just 2 hours after the telecast [:)]