Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm melting! Melting!!!

So, last week Erica and I painted a pumpkin. We set it outside for everyone to see.

Yesterday it rained. Our pumpkin is now bare.

Erica was quite dismayed. She couldn't figure out why her pumpkin wasn't pretty anymore. So, I guess we'll be painting again this week.

[Does the "I'm melting!" title to my post make enough sense in correlation to that little story? I hope so.]

In other news:

I was at a baby shower today; I have another tomorrow. No, I do not have the 'baby itch.'

The itch I do have is to play with templates. I didn't do the main template for this blog; I'd "won" it from Splat Templates. I did, however, copy it over to my additional site. After seeing how that was done, I completely re-did JAQQ2. [Everything except for the header. Abby had someone do that prior; I still haven't completely figured out how to make cool banners, like the one on this site.] And by the way, if you aren't a reader of JAQQ2, please please please please check it out. We don't have many readers anymore b/c my sister has basicly vacated Blogger.

Well, as mentioned, I've had the itch to do another template. I don't want to change this one; its fantastic, a pro made it for me, and its just too soon to make any changes. I was thinking of playing around with JAQQ2 a bit more, b/c I'm not completely satisfied with the color scheme. Is it too bland?

My final solution? Since I recently discovered Tales from the Scales, I decided to pick up again on my weight-loss blog. Abby and I share it. "Twins in Shape." I don't publicise it b/c its embarrassing to discuss in full detail with strangers. So, I don't encourage you to actually read any of it. BUT, you can follow the link just to see what I did with the template.

This leads me to my question...

If anyone out there wants some fun added to their blogger template, let me know. Maybe I can help out! It's so much fun, and so addicting. I can't quite do headers, but all that other stuff is easy-as-pie.


Crazy Me said...

I hate baby showers. They make me a little sick to my tummy!

'liya said...

If you know anything about Wordpress templates feel free to give me some pointers/suggestions for improvement - right now I'm just using one of their standard templates and it's so boring but I'm too lazy to try to change it because I have bad memories of changing my old blogger one.

Becky L said...

crazy me- why is that? hmmm...

'liya- nope, don't know a thing