Friday, August 10, 2007

Slow as a snail [Updated]

My computer is being slow. Very slow. I try to do 'disk cleanup,' but it either is not working or there is SO MUCH junk that it takes too long.

Anyway, I suppose I'll restart my computer and then try again. Not that anyone actually cares :-)

I have some mom-friends coming over today, so that their kids can play with Erica. I hope all goes well-- Erica is being a bit moody and very clingy. She just wants to be held. She follows me around the house, crying "I need you! Hold me!"

I'm sure once her friends come, she'll be fine.
[I hope.]


Everyone just left. They were here from about 11:30 until 2:00. Quite a long time, but we had lunch in the middle, which helped. Towards the end, some of them were getting cranky b/c it was naptime. I just put Erica up in her room for a nap; it didnt even take a full minute for her to konk-out.

There were five kids: two 4 year-olds, two 2&1/2 year-olds [Erica included], and one 1 year old. The youngest is such a cute girl; Erica really likes her & is always talking about her. Though Erica has more fun playing with the boys, b/c they are more active, like her. She's always talking about them too.

I had a good time too; I hope the other moms did too. We did get to talk a lot, though we spend a lot of time keeping the kids out of trouble. [Once, we found them upstairs in my room, hiding under the bedsheets. I think Erica instigated that though.]

I'm extremely tired. I spent almost all of yesterday cleaning. Finished up some cleaning and laundry this morning, as well as returning books/movies to the library, getting lunch ready, AND holding Erica when she was being so needy. But it was a great day. Very nice.


crazy working mom said...

I care!!!

Hope it speeds up quickly for ya.

Becky L said...

crazy working mom- awe, thank you!

Special K ~Toni said...

Hey! I care too!

Erika isn't getting sick is she? That's when mine always wanted to be held.

Becky L said...

My computer is still being a big pain

Crazy Me said...

Sounds like a full house. Did you need a nap when the kids left too?

Becky L said...

crazy me- I'm trying to remember if I did nap or not... I know I could have used it... but I think I didnt, b/c I had SO MUCH to do.

Clairissa said...

Becky- You've probably got adware on your computer. Download a program called "Ad-Aware" (it's free!) at (I think it is) or just search the software name on Google. Then run the program, it will remove the adware and speed up the computer. We run the program each time before we surf the web. It sure helps!