Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quite puzzling

My daughter astounds me. She's so smart. She's a genius. Okay, maybe not genius... she really is still so young. [Not quite 2 & 1/2]

But, she is amazing with puzzles. She has far surpassed the one-piece puzzles. [Well, there are several pieces, but none are interconnected. Example: A bunch of seperate animals. And when you take out the piece, there's a picture of it on the board, making it easy to match up where it belongs. Does that make sense?]

Then she moved on to puzzles that interconnect, but the sides are smooth, not jigsawed. The cow puzzle to the side is a good example. The background [grass, trees, etc] doesn't come up, just the different parts of the cow. Its more difficult, but easy in that obviously the head goes where the shape of the head is cut out.

There are different variations of this kind of puzzle. Obviously. Right now, Erica is working on a hand puzzle. [A lot like the one pictured, though different colors.] Its rather difficult since she doesnt recognize numbers yet. Each finger is numbered 1-10, and on the board underneath there are the same number of corresponding dots. But amazingly, Erica can just figure out where they go by the size/shape.

She's moved on to bigger and better. I bought her a jigsaw puzzle. I doubted that she'd be able to do it. Its also a wood puzzle, and there is a frame, though totally rectangular and with no color or anything to help guide. Well, she's a master at it already.

This is why I say she's a genius: She only has to do a puzzle once and then she's got it! She hardly even hesitates putting it together after that. I think its amazing.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Wow, that really is good!

Smalltown RN said...

that is awesome....maybe you do have a genius on your hands....just keep her stimulated....I am married to a know what happend to him....he quit school as he got bored....didn't keep him stimulated...when he was in school the administrators had him review books for the board of education curriculum....he scored the highest in his region for grades 7 & 8 for comprehension and grade 7 he was rated at 2nd year university for comprehension and 1st year university for know it pisses me off when he corrects me and my spelling....well not really I an thankful...but gosh he is keep your little one interested and introduce her to a variety of never may have a noble prize winner on your hands....cheers

Becky L said...

She may not actually be a 'genius.' But as her mother, I think she's swell.

Clairissa said...

That's so ironic! Reagan is majorly into puzzles too!! Erica sounds just like him. He is on to those gigantic floor puzzles with about 40 pieces or so, and he also does a wooden puzzle of the US and knows all the states. It's astounding... and I know what you mean. When you're the parent, you think they're the smartest things in the world... because to us, they ARE! :o)

Sorry I've been MIA... things are settling down now that our exchange student shipped back to Japan. So we should get together soon!!