Monday, August 20, 2007

Make-up Monday

Lots of makeup to do today! A whole week's worth.

Day camp was crazy. CRAZY!!! I had 1st graders... horrors, absolute horrors! Most of them, anyway.

I had 14 kids total; only 12 monday, all 14 tuesday and wednesday, 13 thursday, and 12 on Friday. But the 'misfits' were there everyday. There were only 5 that were 'misfits,' but they led most of the others astray. There were only 2 kids [one boy, one girl] that were no trouble at all.

When I've been telling people this, they just write it off as the age group. But last year I had the same age group, and they were perfect angels. Most of those kids were in my friend Val's class this year; I begged her to switch classes, but she wouldnt. So sad.

I felt really bad. Because I'm not really a mean person; I love being able to do fun and exciting things with my classes whenever I teach. But these kids couldnt handle anything like that. Whenever I tried, they just went wild and out of control. I knew I was in trouble the first day when I asked my 2 helpers to lead the kids to craft time, while I stopped by somewhere else on the way. I got there before them, my first hint. When they showed up finally, the helpers told me that all of the kids [except two] had run off in different directions.

Normally, I choose a 'line leader' to lead the group around the camp. This year, since it was a water park theme, the line leader got to wear a whistle and a green visor with "lifeguard" written on it. Yeah... that didn't last through the first day. They couldnt even handle something as easy as that. The had got lost somewhere... I had no idea where. And I decided to keep the whistle for myself, in order to get their attention when they started going crazy.

We did have some fun times. My favorite part of the day was the very beginning when we had song time as a whole group. Its just a really relaxing and loose time. I got to goof off... and so did the kids. They could wiggle and squirm, and it was okay.

In my picture, do you see the boy next to me who's looking up at me? Well, my friend Val and I kept joking with eachother that we were watching eachother to make sure the other was doing the motions. Val told my kids to keep an eye on me, and that little boy really did. He was a great kid... I only had trouble with him once, and it was only b/c the other kids led him astray.

I'm glad its over. It was a really rough week. I'm looking forward to sanity again.

This week I'm starting up my 'soup diet.' I know its extreme, but I need something to give me a kick-in-the-butt back to my diet. I had been doing weight watchers and lost 20+ pounds. Granted, I didnt gain it back, but I really need to keep going.


Crazy Me said...

You sound exhausted. Glad you survived!

crazy working mom said...

I'm looking into this diet. Sounds like a good idea...

Raj said...

Looks like you were pretty busy :)

Nice pics!!

Btw, my new blog is up and running, visit Rhythmic Dissonance.

'liya said...

Right now my throat is killing me (why oh why in summer I don't know.. ) but I could use some soup.

The camp sounds a bit crazy! I would take a week to rest afterwards just to get over the whole adventure :)

Anonymous said...

What camp is this, Becky?

...and didn't you do that soup thing the summer after Erica was born. I remember being at your house when you were making it.

Let's get together soon!

Becky L said...

crazy me- I'm not sure I really survived...

crazy working mom- yeah, I didn't actually do it. I'll explain in the next post

raj- i'll check it out soon

'liya- i thought I had a week to rest... didnt happen though

clairissa- yes, we need to get together soon.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

wow..sounds like an exhausting time..

Good luck on the diet.