Monday, August 27, 2007

Make-Up Monday-- And there's A LOT to make up!

I picked the wrong week to relax and get back to normal.

Last week was so crazy. It really really was. There was something going on everyday, and often times several things per day. The soup thing didn't work out; it was just not possible with all of the things going on.

Here's a quick recap:

Monday- Erica woke up at 6:30ish. I was so tired. So, I got together her bowl of cereal and drink and then proceeded to nap on the couch. Well, after awhile she came running over to me. "Mommy get up! Mommy I need you. I need new diaper!" And she's crying. I grumble silently at being disturbed and look at her. THERE'S A HUGE PLOP OF POOP ON THE FLOOR! The poor girl; it wasn't on purpose. Her diaper wasn't on right under her pajamas, and it just fell out. So, I quickly took her to the bathroom to clean her up. I told her to go upstairs to that bathroom and I'd give her a bath. She ran upstairs, and while I was cleaning the carpet I heard a thud followed by screaming. I ran upstairs... and she's crying "I peed on the floor!" Poor girl slipped on it. Now she's petrified that it might happen again.

That night, I had a dinner meeting with some folks. It was nice to get out; even though none of that was Erica's fault, it was still draining on me. Anyway, it was a long meeting, but good.

Tuesday- In the morning I had a mom's group get-together. It was nice; I was able to share my story to other mothers who completely understood. Most of the rest of the day at home, Erica kept crying "I don't wanna pee on the floor!" Ugh... That night I had another meeting. Since Andrew was going to be working late, I had to take Erica with me... but luckily someone was able to watch Erica while the mtg was going on. I didn't get home till 10... so late for Erica.

Wednesday- Erica woke up early-ish. [Considering she was up so late.] I was planning to go up to my parents' house in the afternoon, but had several stops along the way. I figured we'd just leave right away and she would nap at their house. The first stop was K-Mart. Erica was cranky, crying, and falling all over the place. So I said: "Fine! We're going home for naps!" [It was only 10 am!] To my surprise, she actually did fall asleep... and slept until 1 pm! We left then after a quick lunch. On the way, we stopped at Target to buy a present for Andrew-- his birthday was that coming Friday [24th]. I got him a travel mug, one that you can decorate yourself. So, once I got to my parents' house, I made something up on the computer. I took the family picture on my sidebar and added some text [We love you -and- #1 Daddy].

Abby showed up shortly after we arrived. And then my parents. We had dinner, and Abby and I went to rent a movie... which turned into 3 movies. We decided to watch 2 that night and then 1 the next afternoon. We started at 10... and got to bed around 3:30 am.

Thursday- Woke up at 7, with a mere 3 and a half hours of sleep. But we had to quickly get ready; Abby, Erica, and I were going to visit our grandmother. She had moved quite awhile ago, but we'd never had the opportunity to visit where she now lives. On the way, we stopped at Fasig's Coffee to pick up some drinks. While there, I bought a pound of coffee beans-- white chocolate. Interesting. Most of the times when I get flavored beans, they smell like the flavor but don't taste it at all. This stuff really does taste it though! Its fantastic. Love it.

We got to my Grammy's place around 9:30. We stayed and had lunch and left around 12:30. While driving home, we both decided that there was no way we were going to watch that third movie! So, upon arriving at my parents' house, the three of us all slept.

Erica and I left around 4:15 to head home. It's an hour drive, but wasn't too bad traffic-wise. When I got home, Andrew reminded me that I was supposed to have baked something for him to take into work the next day for his birthday. So, the rest of the night was spent on baking and doing dishes.

Friday- Erica and I stayed inside all day. In my defense, it was raining... or really hot... or, well, I really don't remember. I spent the whole day trying to clean-- which isn't easy when a toddler is constantly in motion, making a mess. The birthday-guy came home from work and we had a spaghetti dinner. The rest of the night was nothing major; he just wanted to rest from the long week.

Saturday- It was so hot! But I wanted to have family-time, so when Andrew said he had to go out to a few places, Erica and I went along. We crammed into his truck, with no air conditioning. So uncomfortable. But it didn't bother me too much [until the end]. We stopped by a garden store/place and bought some... well, I don't know what their called. Plants that are low but grow out about 4 feet. So, they'll cover the whole area where their planted. Also got mulch and topsoil. Then we went to Lowes and to another building supply place... which was fruitless. Andrew couldn't find what he needed. Oh well.

We got home and started on the garden work. Well, Andrew and Erica did. Perhaps you can call me sneaky, because I found an excuse to go out. I had to buy birthday presents for Andrew's [twin] sister and also for my niece whose birthday is coming. After yard work, we did TONS of house work. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Sunday- After our churchtime, we headed up to Andrew's parents' house. There was a combination birthday party for him, his sister, but mainly for his grandmother who the previous week had turned 75. It started at 1:15... and went until almost 5. Then we joined his mom, sister and her sons to go visit his other set of 'grandparents.' [They aren't actually related, but have a significant role in their lives.] We were only going to stay for a short while, b/c none of the kids had naps and were thus getting cranky. But they talked us into going out for pizza. Which was crazy. Thank goodness for Andrew! Not all of us could sit at the same table, so Andrew and I were sitting with Erica and her cousin [two days younger than her]. It was quite a fiasco. At one point, my nephew poured pepper into his eyes. Anyway, Andrew took charge over them. I was grateful.

I was so worn out by the time we got home... around 8:30. Not sleepy-worn out though. More so, energy and emotional. So, I stayed up to read a book for awhile. Its amazing how you can forget about your own life and become wrapped up in another person's [fictional] life.

That brings me up to today...
I was hoping that this week could be my relaxation week. Its starting to look doubtful though. Today, at least, is empty. The only problem is-- I FEEL SICK! My tummy hurts. My cute daughter kissed my belly to make it feel better. A little while later, when I told her again that I was hurting, she said, "But I kissed it."
I know its been forever since I've read anyone else's blog. Sorry. I need to get to that. I feel so icky today though, I'm not sure if it'll happen. I think I've pushed myself to the max just typing this up.


Crazy Me said...

Sounds like mommy needs a nap!

Becky L said...

crazy me- yes, mommy does need a nap! But I'm afraid to nap on the couch while she's playing, b/c I'm afraid there will be a sequel to last Monday's pooping accident. Ick, shudder.