Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy, happy, happy, happy...

I'm extremely happy. Its such an odd feeling, considering I've been "down" for a long time. My knees still ache, but I'm trying to take my focus off of that.

There's so much to be happy about. Sunday I was moved to tears, but good tears. Happy tears. My little girl is growing up. At church, Erica finally moved from the nursery up to Toddlers' Class. They sing, learn a [short] lesson, play games, make crafts, etc. She came home with a little bag... And when I opened it up, I started to cry. There was a take-home paper, reviewing the story and with little activities. And she brought home a craft. That's what made me get misty-eyed. I thought, "my little girl is at the age where she's gonna start making crafts and bringing them home."

In my picture you can see them. [I tried to get a picture where the flash didnt show up, but did not succeed.] Well, first of all, the wax-paper with stickers on are things she does at home. [The great thing about putting stickers on the wax-paper is that they easily come off to be moved somewhere else.] Also, there's a picture she and I colored that says: "I love my daddy." And the hands are magnets that she painted a few weeks ago.

ANYWAY, the very colorful paper is the worksheet she brought home. And the shapes that are hanging down with strings attached is the craft she made. Each shape has something written on it pertaining to the story, and she was able to color them and put a sticker on each.

I made the mistake of saying "Erica, sit in the fridge" instead of saying "Erica, sit in front of the fridge." I tried and tried to clarify myself, but she wanted to sit in the fridge. I thought it was cute though, so I took a picture. Now you know the foods that we eat.

In Other News...

I added my "smiley faces" back to my blog. They had dissappeared for awhile. But I'm so happy that I decided to add them again.
Shopping Spree-I'm IN LOVE with my Zwinky. [The cartoon looking girl on my sidebar.] They've updated the program by adding "Zwinktopia." You can play games to earn $ and then buy new clothing for your Zwinky. Its fantastic. Now, when I get the urge to shop, I can just "buy" clothing for my gal. I know I'm absolutely silly. But I love trying clothing on her to make cute outfits. Is that lame?

-Erica is talking SO MUCH! its fantastic. She's really starting to comprehend everything and process it in her mind in order to make a proper response. I love it. I can carry on conversations with her. Of course, they are limited. But its fantastic to see such a change in her. She's definitely not a baby anymore.


Toni said...

That's all so great!

Dayngr said...

Completely adorable.

I know as mommys we aren't supposed to compare our children to other peoples but goodness, when I see your daughter and all the things she can do I feel like my little girl is so far behind. Talk about stressing out!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

That is really precious...and your fridge is really clean!

Yes, I'm a total dork, but I notice things like clean fridges...probably cuz I clean the one at work so much.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Your little one is too cute! The fridge thing was funny and the picture was priceless. :)

The smileys make ME smile!