Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back in Business

So, I'm back to my diet. I am stupid for abandoning it for so long. Yeah, I've lost 25 pounds... but I've been stuck there for a LONG time. So now it's back to business!

This is a bit ridiculous, but I've decided to wear a swimsuit when I'm home for the day. It'll be motivation to eat right!!!

Recently, I was at a Taste of Home cooking class. They gave out free magazines and other things. And I found some great ideas. I'm off to the grocery store this morning [once Erica wakes up] in order to buy ingredients.

Here's two that seem especially yummy for a healthy lunch:

Whole wheat spiral pasta
cubed chicken
mandarin oranges
red grapes
And for the dressing:
OJ concentrate
little bit of olive oil

And also fruity-chicken wraps:
whole grain tortillas
cubed chicken
fat free vanilla yogurt [I'll use Light&Fit b/c it's sweetened w/ splenda]

They're good for lots of fruits and whole grains.

Wish me luck!!!


Toni said...

GOOD LUCK! Those do sound good! I really should jump on your wagon with you.... maybe next Monday... or Tuesday!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Best of luck to you...great recipes! :)

Becky L said...

things are going pretty well.

the recipes were great.