Friday, April 13, 2007

A burnt tongue and bloody lip [WITH AN UPDATE]

[A quick note-- I added new pictures of Erica and the family. To see them, look on my sidebar and click the link for "recent pictures"]

I just don't know; I've been beating myself up lately!

Though, neither of these things are truly my fault [or so I can say].

Last night, as I was tucking Erica in, I bent to give her a kiss. [She sleeps face-down, so I was aiming for the back of her head.] Just as I was bending down, she sat up-- BAM! Her head smacked my mouth, digging my top tooth into my bottom lip. Hence, the bloody lip. Yes, you can still see the mark this morning. It really cut through. Ick!

Onto my next ailment. Every morning I make Hubby a cup of hot chocolate to take to work. And I always take a test-taste to make sure its not too hot. I assumed this morning that it would be just fine b/c the teakettle wasn't whistling for too long before I removed it. WRONG! I took a rather large swig, and it took my brain a moment to calculate that it was just TOO HOT! My eyes got huge in fear, and I ran for the sink to spit it out. But not before the effects on my tongue were made.

Golly, what will I do next to myself?


I almost choked. Can you believe it? Erica and I were having lunch, which included mandarine oranges. We were slurping them, and a piece went in too fast and back too far that it caught in my throat. Too crazy.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I once walked into a bed post and split my lip open like that, it was right before I started high school too...not fun.

Toni said...

Next, you will break a toe on a piece of furniture. Wear shoes inside!

Becky L said...

silverneurotic-- i had a really crazy incident the first day of my Sr Year of high school. However, its too embarassing to share.

toni-- I had my "next" already. I just updated the post; I almost choked on a mandarin orange!

captain corky said...

I once chipped two of my teeth playing football, but that's nothing compared to what you've been through over the past 24 hours. Please be careful. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
I saw ur pics...very cute. You should try leaving ur hair down (open) so it frames ur face. I think ud look more beautiful. And have u ever tried contacts? Your daughter is adorable! :) My granddaughter looks just like her.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Sounds like you had a rough Friday the 13th! :(

Sorry to hear 'bout all the bad stuff...hope it got better.